1 October Is China’s National Day. What Is There To Celebrate?

A country that over and over violate human and animal rights. Who on regular basis torture, mutilate and imprison innocent people and animals.

Will the women celebrate after being forced to abort a baby while 6-9 months pregnant? 2_20120611040659_ZDQzOWI2MDAzYWYzM2E4NzU0NTU5NWIzYzY1YzEwMzg1MzQzYjU1YislMjgxJTI5XyVCOCVCMSVCMSVCRQ==

2_20120611040602_ZDQzOWI2MDAzYWYzM2E4NzU0NTU5NWIzYzY1YzEwMzg1MzQzYjU1YislMjgyJTI5Xw==And thereafter sterilized with sometimes lethal consequences?

Should there be celebrations in spite of that nearly 40% of Chinese children suffer abusearticle-2223120-15AD029B000005DC-565_634x892


child-abuse-ningbo-china-06China repeatedly  torture, imprison and kill Tibetans who just ask for freedom from their occupation. Who can not even raise the Tibetan flag without paying severely. after sexual abuse by chinese police


tibet-massacreA China where bears are put in small cages and brutally milked for their bile several times a day. Where they get tortured in a never-ending cycle day after day after day… MOMCUB


img_album_oliver_002A China where Tigers are starved until the skin hang of their bodies so some people can decorate their homes with a beautiful tiger skin without a blink or thought about how the animal suffered… A China where they even make wine of them… 12746


12740Do they deserve a well wishing happy national day when they cook cats and dogs alivedogs-being-boiled-alive-webpic13ASIA NEWS REPORT CHINA JUNE 17 20113810993192-e4f5e00348

I truly hope that governments around the world do not raise the Chinese flag. October 1 is not a day to celebrate or to show respect. I will NOT celebrate but I will continue to show my support for an Independent Tibet, for the women who suffer under government plans with forced abortions and sterilisations. For the children who are facing a dark future if born in the wrong family or place. For the cats and dogs who get cooked alive in excruciating pain. For the tigers who we might not have wild on this earth any more soon since there are those who prefer have them on their walls. For the bile bears who are not lucky enough to be rescued, but sit right now in a torture chamber with metal bars under their feet with no hope. Just an endless nightmare…

Woman Shows Off Brutally Abusing & Killing Dogs on Microblog

Torture Chamber For China’s Bile Bears

Chinese Baby Stabbed 90 Times With Scissor By His Mother.

Oliver The broken Bear, Free After 30 Years In A Bear Bile Farm In China

A Letter From A Labor Camp, China.

China And North Korea Shoot Arrows at Live Roosters For Fun.

Several Pregnant Dogs Saved From The Dog Eating Festival In Yulin, China.

They Injected The Head Of The Baby With Some Kind Of Poison…



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17 thoughts on “1 October Is China’s National Day. What Is There To Celebrate?

  1. I am a Chinese, but not a complete Chinese, since I’m mixed up with other genes. And, I am not born in China…Who would like those torture hell any ways. After reading this, I was happy enough to have a pretty good and somewhat wealthy family in Malaysia ( Even though my descendants were Chinese people.) I think China should be bankrupt. Plus, what is with their fake products. They get money by selling fake cheap products. What a bastard China is. China is cruel, and they lack of EQ. They don’t feel shit for no one. Well, I am very insulted of China. I’m happy I don’t need to even go to China every Chinese New Year ( My grandpa is a pure China man. Which died years ago.). I find that people who have high IQ lacks EQ…And so is China. China has a smart brain and smart cheating. Yeah smart here smart there, but the don’t have feelings ( THEY HAVE NO FUCKING RELATIONSHIT IN THERE!) for other animals. If I was god, I would burn China like how Sidom was burned.


  2. Bomb china of the map and all the other countrys who torture and kill animals and human.Big Bomb will do the Job.im so Sick and Disgusted.there not human there Monsters.


  3. China still stands as one of those countries filled with heartless, ruthless subhumans and have no empathy for anyone. Need to spread the word far & wide that STOP buying items made in China. Anything made in china has to be connected to a murder of an innocent animal or cheap labour using the underage labourours. They are simply power hungry and blood thirsty bastards. Very few good samaritans who are trying hard to bring the Chinese culture towards the civilized level have a tuff job to do. What a sad place to live in.


  4. Katastrophengefahr: Massenflucht vor Taifun Haikui in China, Naturkatastrophe: Tote bei Erdbeben in China ,Anzahl der betroffenen Personen infolge bedeutender Stürme von 1900 bis 2013*
    zur Statistik China,
    (14. Mai 2002) 100.000.000 das ist Gottes Strafe………… …


  5. In continuation of the above blog regarding 1 October, China’s National Day. What is there to celebrate?
    1. Top 5 Imported Foods From China You Should Avoid (+Video)
    Epoch Times dated 3 August 2013

    2. If You Think China’s Air Is Bad, You Should See The Water
    Business Insider dated 31 March 2013

    3. Rivers of blood: the dead pigs rotting in China’s water
    Reuters dated 24 April 2013

    4. China pulls 1,000 dead ducks from Sichuan river
    BBC News dated 25 March 2013

    5. In February 2013 China CCP have acknowledged that there are 200 cancer villages in China:
    BBC News UK dated 23 February

    6. China’s Top 9 Fake Food :

    7. Criminal charges have been filed against a company that allegedly imported and distributed nearly 90,000 tubes of Chinese toothpaste containing a poisonous substance and a wholesaler that supplied local stores with the tubes.
    AP dated 6 March 2008

    8. Deadly Food Poisoning at Chinese Hotel
    NTD TV dated 4 October 2010

    9. China finds 100,000kg of poisoned dead fish in river
    The Guardian dated 4 September 2013

    10. Chinese School Closed After Suspected Pollution Causes Mass Nosebleeds
    Epoch Times dated 10 September 2013

    11. Thirty Chinese Egg Companies Poison With Metal
    Epoch Times dated 18 June 2013


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