Scottish ”Man” another creepy Trophy Hunter.


This creep is called Ian Evans and is from Newton Stewart in Scotland. There he runs Penkiln farm and also owns Galloway tanks and Evan Contractors. Oh and he shoots pets too according to his ex daughter in law who while taking care of her daughter who was in an accident (permanent brain damage as a result) and in the meantime he shot her five pet geese which was staying in the farm. JS97485985

What kind of man does that?! So not just a total loss of empathy for wild animals, he also have no problems shooting pets too? His claim was that she abandoned them….

Helen also says: “He was proud of killing animals. The last set of tusks that came over are taller than me. He has mountains of pictures. His behaviour is disgusting.” Further she said on Scottish Daily record  “Unless you’re going to eat it, I don’t believe in killing. And I don’t believe in shooting elephants. He has mountains of these pictures – elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelope, gazelles. I think his behaviour is disgusting. He turned up with a gun case and a handbag made from elephant skin.”

“There is an elephant ear in the farmhouse, and an elephant foot covered by zebra skin.”

When asked by Daily mirror if he felt remorse for killing the animals, Mr Evans said ‘If I told you the truth, I would get so much crap back about it. But I cried when I shot the elephant because it was the first time I’d ever done it. It was a unique moment.’ 


Do YOU call that a unique moment??376C1F6700000578-3750259-image-m-27_1471691327769

He claims that his killing spree was better for wildlife…JS97509963

Brainless people like him creeps me out. How can you sit there and smile? Be proud of putting a bullet in a defenceless animal?

These wild animals are beautiful and majestic. They did nothing wrong. They only went on with their daily lives, not bothering anyone. They ended up dead just because some deadbeat thought they look better dead than alive.

No Ian, you dont get bigger balls by shooting animals.


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2 thoughts on “Scottish ”Man” another creepy Trophy Hunter.

  1. Yep sadly this man has money so instead of spending it doing good he spends it murdering innocent, beautiful rare animals in an attempt to do what ? Prove his masculinity, show his power , exercise his ability to kill just because he can !
    His father was , I am told a gentleman he was very well known in farming circles I do not think he would have been proud of his son who has brought shame on himself and cast a dark shadow on the area .
    I will never use his services and sincerely hope he never makes enough money to have another shooting spree in Africa .


    • ca un homme vous rigoler c est un moins que rien il ne mérite pas de vivre il faut l abattre et les animaux pourront vivre en paix débarrassons nous de ces tueurs quel honte c est a vomir

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