Spain’s Cruelty Against Animals Continue…

gty_luminarias_fire_horse_3_nt_120117January 16 men in the village of San Bartolome de los Pinares rode their horses through bonfires on the eve of St Anthony’s Day – in ”honour” of the patron saint of animals… Tree branches are gathered and built-in the days leading up to the annual event, where horses jump through flames until midnight when riding stops, while drink and eating last until dawn.
What is it with Spain and the horrible animal cruelty that goes on?? Isn’t it enough with their disgusting Bullfighting? The horrible Toro De La Vega – The lancing of the bull (A bull is chased through the streets of Tordesillas while tortured with spears until it collapse with pain and the testicles are cut off while its alive). The disgusting Pero Palo Festival in Villanueva De La Vera where a donkey is brutally beaten, shot at, kicked, fire works thrown under it, drunk people screaming and scaring, get spirits forced down it’s throat, almost crushed under the heaviest men in a brutal mental and physical torture. The tradition of hanging Spanish Galgos (Greyhounds) It is traditional in Spain at the end of the hunting season for the hunters to cause their dogs a very slow and torturous death, as they do not want to look after them after hunting season. Sadly, this tradition is still very much alive and 50,000 dogs can face these fates in Spain at the end of each hunting season. spanish-festivals-and-traditions-hanging-galgos-tortured-to-death-killed-web-copy

How many times do we need to read about people torturing for fun? Claiming its religious or a tradition? For me it sounds more like a sick excuse to torture animals in public. Why doesn’t the Spanish government stop it? resizerThose ”people” who participate in this, no matter if they are directly involved, but also public, mayors, governments and every single politicians the way up to the top of EU are indirect or directly approving of this sick cruelty. You would have thought that in this day and age people would have evolved from behaving like cave men, but obviously some people lack a brain. cattle-bf-05

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5 thoughts on “Spain’s Cruelty Against Animals Continue…

  1. These so called people are barbaric filth, there souls are irideminably wicked…..Spain needs all the animals taken from the country and then a nuclear bomb dropped on this so called culturally, artistic country…waked up world !!……Dave

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  2. International help needed! Please take action! Thank You!

    Barcelona, 10 de diciembre 2014
    OFFICIAL PRESS Asociación antitaurina sin fronteras AbolicionTorosYa.

    At a time when Spain , in which the word bull, not a day that does not come out in the press, in a time when politicians stop playing now BLINDO bulls , now I protect , now forbid Catalonia again where we are being taken for a ride daily to all not only anti-bullfighting otherwise animalistic citizens.

    At best moment in history , not only reject if not universal European rejection to the bullfights and all the festivities with Bulls and Heifers , embolaos , correbous , De la vega, joy etc. , and where we are right now the country in Europe, with animal advocacy WORST LAW far.

    Now when the word appearing and squat , and are taking increasingly aggressive air, and almost every action becomes a war, is accumulated anger at the government, which never prohibited. And we are fighting against anti-bullfighting antibullfighting , which is the worst thing you could get .

    And in that moment came that someone had to do after 40 years.


    We created a campaign for TOTAL ABOLITION OF THE BULLS IN SPAIN . Know that has not been tried before, but someone had to start .

    We are not politicians, not seeking votes, we are not a large animal association or have funding to pay people to go on ads, we are a very simple NGOs , eager to work , and above all, a poor campaign, but we firmly believe in it , created many hours of work , hope and faith.

    Of course we have everything ready for people to sign and support us , including celebrities , but yes, we do not think anyone really ethical claims to the four winds activist , animal or bullfighting , copper, put on your face to support the cause.

    We hope to advance the cause and go being known , because we are convinced that there are millions of people of goodwill, animal lovers , willing to contribute their signature and support.

    Three weeks we finally finished everything , the request , the platform , everything is ready ago

    Sadly, in these three weeks it has become clear , the first support MAJORITY OUT OF SPAIN , with the exception of Catalan volunteers . We therefore believe that it is vital to finally announce that Spain has called for the abolition of the Bulls.

    The petition signature collection is this .
    We work from this platform , because parallel on September 16 , also started another campaign against the Toro de la Vega 2015 , not to go running like every year a month earlier.
    And this one , just for people that support
    We also work a lot since twiter , which is already spreading the cause quickly.
    Con dos hush #STOPToroDeLaVega #AbolicionTorosYa
    All this in terms of signatures collected , of course worked nonstop in spreading the cause , both in Spain and in the rest of the World and Europe on all our great allies .
    We send tweets and emails , to press, politicians, celebrities , so that the transmission will not stop, and people know that Mexico is not the only country that wants to abolish THAT IN SPAIN ALSO HAVE THE ORDER.

    Although difficult and slow without the help of the press, without awareness of our initiative, and our request task.

    However , from the day September 16th we opened , product and causes, we are proud of all the work done, and will continue to do if we have to go citizen by citizen asking for your support .

    We have not fooled anyone , because it is a difficult and slow , maybe that’s why no one has ever tried, but blindly believe in it , you can not say something is impossible without trying. AND NOW IT’S TIME TO DO . If Canary Islands, Catalonia and now Mallorca, we have, because it will not be able Spain .

    Fight least all united for once, to end this atrocity , this animal cruelty, animal rights , anti-bullfighting , politicians , citizens, for once in history, we are able to come together for something that is really worth . For Spain the big problem is that we agree , not so fight . Everyone always throws by. Abolición Toros Ya

    Laura Folch del Cerro , representing

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