Colombian town bans festival in which live horse was cut to pieces

Finally one good mayor who dare to take a stand!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE: Fox News Latino

Colombia horse

The mayor of Colombia’s Buenavista municipality in the northern province of Sucre, Quintiliano Tapia, banned Monday the amateur bullfighting festivals known as “corralejas” following a scandal sparked by the dismembering of a live horse during one of those events.

The mayor was reacting to the public indignation that followed the airing of a video over the weekend showing how two men cut a horse to pieces that had been badly injured by a bull, all in the presence of children.

Tapia said in a statement on Blu Radio that he regretted the incident, adding that measures are being taken to identify those responsible and make them pay for what they did, and that meanwhile the running of the bulls and the “corralejas,” amateur bullfights in which anyone is allowed to take part, are banned.

“I wasn’t told what happened, but when we learned about it we…

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2 thoughts on “Colombian town bans festival in which live horse was cut to pieces

  1. Obviously the civilized way to STOP this Barbaric actions is to completely BAN them. How on earth any one with a mustard size of a brain could say, that “Such stupid evil practices” are called ‘sports”??? This is simply to gruesomely abuse, torment & maliciously , viciously brutally murder a very healthy animal in a blood bath. Those people who are so evil within their hearts & soul are the ones who enjoy to watch another’s sufferings, pains and dying in agony. This is not at all a sport. This is a massive animal abuse and a criminal activity done against the god’s creatures. Thanks for Banning this gruesome unethical animal cruelty which carrying out in front of the younger generations. Bring the laws to severely punish such sick mentally deranged individuals who harms the defenseless animals. Punish should include a hefty fine and a lengthy jail term.
    Other than that some of those morons might not understand the language. Because they are obviously psychos.

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