About me

Hi and welcome. My name is Cecilia and I am the one running this blog. 🙂

At the moment I stay in Scotland, but originate from Sweden, I do love to travel around the world, meet new people, learn new things, because after all we live on a planet that still have amazingly beautiful places..

About me pages are quite tricky to write, cause who am I… Really? WHY do I write this blog? What do I want? Why should YOU read this blog when there are millions of other blogs out there in space swirling around, just waiting for just YOU to discover them…

What you will find here will be mostly about

  • Human Rights, Injustice, how I believe the world fail those who needs us.
  • What is very close to my heart is Tibet. Tibet is much more than tons of beautiful photos of mountains, monastery’s and amazing scenery. Behind that façade there are human beings who live in a reality that is so so far from our sheltered lives. The Tibetan people who have been brutally occupied by China. Tortured, slaughtered, raped, going through forced sterilisations and abortions, Tibetan children discriminated at school and a whole people who are robbed of what was once theirs. Tibet. Tibet was free until China invaded 1949 and as a consequence millions of people died and fled. Among them H.H Dalai Lama. Today in Tibet there is a genocide going on. Slowly but surely the Chinese are erasing the Tibetan people, culture and language with full force. And that is why we are where we are today. Tibetans are burning. Setting themselves on fire. Feeling their own flesh melt from their bodies. It is hard to imagine the pain the suffer, how brave they actually are. Who dare to do this TO themselves, but not FOR themselves. They do it for the Tibetan people, to say they had enough, that Tibet MUST be free and Independent again, that Dalai Lama shall return to Tibet. That China must leave. NOW. We in the world must react and ACT.
  • Animal Abuse. Bear bile farms, Fur farms, Dog eating festivals, Torture, Zoo’s, Circuses, Hunting, Dairy farms, Pig farms, Chicken farms and the list goes on where animals have short and brutal lives for the pleassure of humans.

Well. I could go on writing this forever so better stop right here and now. I DO hope you find something interesting and I wish you a huge welcome and hope I see you again 🙂 x


“There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’
No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.” 
― Dalai Lama XIV

25 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Ciccilia .
    I just came across yr blog now & wonder if you are still active in yr your activism ? It seem the last comments are some years old. Where are you at theses days ? Im also an activist & relate to your sentiments. Pls let me know whats up for you.
    Thanks for fighting against injustice & speaking up for our furry friends.
    Livie in Bali
    Would be lovely if you would drop me a line direct. Im not sure I would see it if you write me here.

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  2. Hello Cicci,
    I am so happy to see you raising awareness in your blog and so happy to see your passion for the subject through your posts. This issue has been really troubling me to a point where I feel guilty for enjoying the simple things in my life knowing that we lives in a world where people do horrible things to venerable creatures without even a hint of guilt, let along those who do it for fun. Needless to say I have been depressed and feel helpless because of this. My question to you is (and i wish you could help me) how could you still enjoy life with all the information the you know and all those that you can’t unsee?

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    • Hi Christina!
      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! 🙂 It is easy to get depressed when the world seems so dark, when there is so much cruelty going on, so much suffering and pain. And to realise that there are humans who enjoy inflicting that, enjoy to hurt others in brutal ways. What keeps me going, what keeps me enjoying life is people like you out there. People who care ❤ It is so easy to feel powerless and helpless when wanting to stop all the disgusting things going on, but dont know how to do it. All I can do for all these poor creatures I blog about is 'putting it out there', to not let their suffering go unnoticed. There are many photos and stories I can never forget, photos I see when I close my eyes and it makes me so sad and angry and I hope that by sharing their stories I make them to live on in a way, to never be forgotten. I am so grateful for everybody that tries to make a change for the better for others..

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      • You’re right. People like you still give me hope too. I am sure there will be more people like us in the future if we continue to push in that direction. And then then it’s going to be make a snow ball effect. Thank you for your blog too. You have a kind heart that I admire.:)

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      • Oh absolutely it will! I cant count the number of amazing caring people I see on my blog or on other sites. People like us who care, who wants to change things to the better for other people and animals 🙂

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    • Hi 4ever21christina !!

      I really don’t have to write much of anything because you have just said it all in your comment. I feel exactly the same way as you do. I just signed on and the first thing I see is the photo of a tiny puppy being roasted alive and the dogs scrambling to get out of a pot of boiling water after they had already been skinned alive, not they were being boiled alive. The latter photos I have seen before, just as I have seen a video of a dog who had been skinned alive …. his flesh was covered in blood, yet with the last bit of life in his body, he tried to lift his head and blinked one last time …. the blood dripping from his long eyelashes.
      Then there were the bile bears, who suffer excruciating pain and infections at the site where hoses drained the bile from their bodies, They are imprisoned in cages from the time they are cubs until adulthood …. for years and years they cannot even turn over or around. I cannot even imagine the agony they suffer, just so that their bile can be sold as a (totally worthless) medicine.
      I don’t think you mentioned it, but I also want to bring up the Taij dolphin slaughter in which dolphins are driven into the cove by Taiji fisherman and then gruesomely have their fins cut off, the rest of the dolphins may be kept for food or left in the cove to drown and bleed to death. This practice also kills many whales in the process of butchering the dolphins …. hence the blood red water in the cove after a dolphin slaughter.
      What really made it clear to me that you felt precisely as I do, was the last sentence …. of course I wish that someone could help me enjoy life (which I currently am unable to do, out of guilt just for being part of the human race), but I use the expression often, that I wish that I could unsee what I have seen (so many images looking as though from the bowels of hell) and unknow what I know. Unfortunately, I cannot unsee and I cannot unknow !!
      I suppose that I am not made of the same stuff as most other people, you obviously not being among these either, as well as the thousands of animal advocates who are my friends.
      Thank you for letting me share my feelings with you because I believe that you will understand them ❤ ❤

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  3. Philippines may eat dog meat or any other animal BUT, they kill the animal first … they do not torture it like they do in China where their beliefs are wrapped in virility, fertility and strength – they also believe it tastes better this way. I am from the Philippines and I DO NOT EAT DOG MEAT and consider them as pets. However, I am offended that you are posting it as such that the animals are cooked alive where I am from.


  4. Hello Cecilia!

    How interesting that we share the same interest and come from the same country! I am about to embark on a job where I will be able to lobby for change in bills and legislations that concern specifically animals – increase of welfare, reduction/eradication of abuse, prevention of extinction etc. I would love to network with you as I highly value other opinions and issues that they raise, as I might miss out on some subjects entirely or overlook important factors.

    Please add me on facebook.com/arshiatousi and we can hopefully help one another create a change.

    Kind Regards

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  5. Thank you and thank you for this blog! I wish more people are aware of what goes on and how all these animals are exploited and abused. So much sadness when I see these beautiful innocent animals get used and abused/killed all because of disgusting humans. This isn’t right at all.


  6. Thank you for your post about Tyke the elephant!
    I am just writing to remind you that AUGUST 20- this TUES is the tragic anniversary of TYKE and that I will be giving away FREE downloads all day long of TYKE & the ELEPHANT ANGEL, however please be advised that for children, the hard copy is better, Both can be found here
    http://www.amazon.com/Tyke-Elephant-Angel-K-Monroe/dp/1484072723 (note the five star ratings and reviews) You can also win FREE hard copies at goodreads here http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18278857-tyke-and-the-elephant-angel
    My new novel – Delta the Dancing Elephant – Memoir of a circus elephant can be found here
    And I am also giving away FIVE free hard copies on goodreads here
    Thank you for caring about circus elephants!


    • Thank you for visiting and commenting KimbahlayKAM! Yeah 19 years since soon since she was killed, ending a brutal and sad life. Will checkout the books and it is so good that you write about Tyke, she will be immortal and kept in peoples memories. And young children can grow up learning to care for the gorgeous animals..


  7. Thank you for shining a light on that which is so unbelievably cruel.
    What has happened to the people and the culture of Tibet is much like that of American Natives.
    They too were invaded and slaughtered, their land and culture also stolen.
    The parallels between these two peoples, is remarkable.
    Thank you for sharing their story here.


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