Rest In Peace Beautiful Oliver

Today I read something that really made me really sad. Oliver ‘the broken bear’ have passed away. Myself and many many others have followed Animal Asia’s amazing work and their story about how they rescued Oliver from a bear bile farm in China. A farm where he and the other bears suffered intense pain and abuse on daily basis. Oliver was there for almost 30 (THIRTY) years… nl-20130826-oliver-10Yesterday the amazing team that have been caring for him for four and a half happy years decided to euthanise him after his health deteriorated.

For those of you who don’t know about Oliver and his journey you can read what I wrote about him here. It’s a terrifying and brutal story, but also one filled with hope and love. Ever since I first read about him, his destiny has been in my mind and I wish I could say that I was surprised over the incredible cruelty that I learned about, but sadly not, some ‘humans’ can really be cruel in a unimaginable way. oliver2Although sad today I’m also happy. Happy because he got to pass away to the endless Bear heaven surrounded by love. He had four and a half years of feeling grass under his feet, taking long cool baths, playing, getting sweet treats and most of all, he got to experience freedom at last.

Thank you Animal Asia for what you did and still do and thank you all who cared so deeply about Oliver and the other bears destinies. Good bye Oliver…1415888757680_wps_20_Final_goodbye_to_Oliver_s

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8 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Beautiful Oliver

  1. It is heartbreaking to learn the torture & the unimaginable pains & sufferings these helpless, defenceless Bears had to undergo through the hands of evil barbaric people in those countries. I feel sad for this beautiful, voiceless Oliver had passed away at the time when he was enjoing his freedom without any pains. Also I am sure the compassionate people who saved Oliver from his imprisonment and sufferings will have a special place in heaven. Rest In Peace Oliver. Where ever you may be you should be well & Happy.


  2. This is a bittersweet post… I’m sorry that Oliver has passed on, but I’m glad he was given a name,the freedom that he had and a peaceful death.
    I wish that for all the bears in the situation he was in and a end to all there misery.
    Thank you for posting.


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