November 15 Spain Will Yet Again Cause Great Pain To Bulls!

article-2232031-15FBE617000005DC-102_634x635Yet again Spain will torture bulls. Getting tied to a post by its horns and a plank of wood attached to a metal bar doused in pitch – a highly combustible mixture of turpentine and sulphur. While the flames eat the wood
Fiercely hot sparks and embers drip from the burning torches onto the terrified and suffering young bull.

Then released it will be chased around by a screaming laughing crowd. The bulls can’t do much more than run around in pain, often smashing into walls in tying to put out the flames. Stumbling over things placed on the ground to the delight of the crowd. During this time the dripping hot pitch burns the bull’s horns, body, face, nostrils, and eyes and causes tremendous pain – all while spectators cheer and run around the victims hitting them with sticks.

article-2232031-15FBEA19000005DC-89_634x739They cake the poor animal in mud and dust to ”protect” it from the flames, but clearly that doesn’t work when the bull end up with burn marks over its body, wounded horns, mouth, nose and eyes. Sometimes even burn to death.torodejubilo2008Stressed, afraid and in pain. Confused and struggle to breath. article-2232031-15FBEAEB000005DC-140_634x792THIS is what some so-called humans find entertaining? article-2232031-15FBEB90000005DC-587_634x399Eventually the flaming pitch burns the bulls eyes to the point he is totally blinded, much to the delight of the villagers. When the bull is dead (which can take hours unless it’s lucky and die of a heart attack) they cut the bull to pieces and are awarded to people for their ”bravery”… article-2232031-15FBEC02000005DC-848_634x877Authorities in the Spanish regions of Leon and Castile have designated the festival a special cultural status since it’s dated back to the bronze age. And we, YOU and ME help fund this madness through EU. Spanish farmers who rears bulls for bullfighting and other ”sports” are given funding through Common Agriculture Policy. Do we want that? article-2232031-15FBEB94000005DC-834_634x380So what can we do about it? Please share with others, sign petitions, write to responsible for this horror. One is Mayor Felipe Utrilla Dupre in Soria, you can email him at: and you can sign these two petitions:


Please lets work together in this…. torojubilomedinaceli


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