Denmark, One Of The Countries Where It’s Still Legal To Have Sex With An Animal.

BEASTIALITY-565x250Yes, you read it right. Denmark allows you to have sex with an animal without punishment. But here comes a twist, you are not allowed to rape, torture or abuse it? Does that mean that according to Danish law you have to prove that it was sex that both agreed upon? You and the dog? Or is it that if the dog (just as an example) is not hurt ”enough” so therefore it must be consensual? How about the brothels that exist there too? Does the animals seek up them and WILLINGLY sell their bodies for some sick perverted freaks? There are even claims by some of these freaks that the animals enjoys it. Enjoys to be tied up and raped. I am very grateful that all over the world there are people protesting about it and together we must make a change.

Now, it’s NOT only Denmark where this horrible degrading and hurtful act is legal. Other countries are: Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Thailand and 14 different states in USA. VERY Scary! And worth to mention too is the fact that only quite RECENTLY countries like: Sweden,  Norway, Germany, Holland and France, made it illegal! BROTHEL1

Look again at the photos above, does that look consensual to you?

Have you heard about Pony the Orangutan in Borneo? She was found in a little village chained to a wall, shaved all over her body and lying on a mattress. Every time a man came near her, she would turn around, offering her private parts and grunt. She was a sex slave and had been sold over and over for years by a madam to men who wanted something ‘new’ to use. She is now saved thankfully by Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, but how many more are there out there that spend their sad lives like this? BROTHEL-PONYAnimals should have the right to only have sex with their own kind, not being forcefully raped by humans who only have their own lust in their head. They are just as sick creeps who think it’s fine to rape children too… How come humanity can be so evil?

Here are a petition I found that brings up this horrible subject:

And here you can read more about it at Occupy For Animals. But I warn you, the photos and stories are horrible. But it’s so important that this subject is spread and stopped. There is also a video with an interview with one of the sick perverts here:

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11 thoughts on “Denmark, One Of The Countries Where It’s Still Legal To Have Sex With An Animal.

  1. OMG those countries that are involved in this satanic practise that will surely wipe them out. They even claim that they are developed but with these they are not, they are only dying in the name of developing. Like i am a Nigerian my country can surcome to this satsnic practise, they may say we are the worst country but now i know we are ones developed.

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  2. Theres a difference between raping an animal and having sex with an animal.
    Just as theres a difference between raping a person or having consentual sex with them.

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  3. Omg .I feel sick . HOW THE HELL CAN THIS BE ” LEGAL” ?? Most of those disgusting countries have the audacity to say they are ”developed” and the dog RAPISTS call themselves ”human” ??? Karma to all who rape these poor animals . May every one of them burn in hell for their evil actions .

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  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    To commit these heinous acts of defilement these sick perverts have frighteningly dark hearts and twisted minds. These people are dangerous and not just to animals! More than overdue to end this horror. Shame on you governments of the world for allowing this to continue. Heinous, utterly heinous. Lock them up and throw away the key, theirs no cure for this kind of perverted psycho.


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