Cruel Christmas Feast For EU’s Fat Cats.

The European Parliament restaurant is laying on a three-course Christmas feast for its politicians. Men and women who earn around £75,000 a year will pay about £16 for the pleasure of stuffing themselves full and probably pour down a drink or two of some fancy wine, whiskey or beer to that. While sitting there on their fat ar*es they ignore (as always) those people who struggle. Struggle in the cold, in homes they can’t afford to heat, in jobs (if they are lucky enough) with zero hour contracts and no job safety at all. They ignore all those who have to turn to food banks to be able to put food on their table, go to charity shops to give their children a gift or two to put under the tree for Christmas. But as always the greedy see nothing wrong, turn the other way and continue to stuff themselves with no shame. And of course it’s paid by us taxpayers. So what will they gobble down? 23B2C02D00000578-0-image-15_1417607395956As you see among the Lobsters, truffles, pâté’s and charcuterie terrines, they will also eat pheasant with foie gras. Foie gras is the liver from a duck or a goose that have been cruelly force-fed until the liver swell up to 10 times their normal size. On the photo below the liver to the right is the normal size, the left one after force feeding.liversThe workers in these farms force down a metal pipe and pump down around 4 pounds of grain boiled with fat in a procedure that is very painful and stressful for the bird. The vast amounts of feed pumped down the ducks’ throats causes enormous internal pressure, and the pipe sometimes punctures the esophagus, causing many to die from choking on the blood that fills their lungs. Some birds literally burst, choke to death on their own vomit, or become so weak that they are unable to fend off rats from eating them alive. Force Feeding October 2007So how can these politicians put their teeth into a piece of liver from an animal that has been through so much cruelty? vavOLEeEbolQnIo-556x313-noPadBirds raised for foie gras spend the first four weeks of their lives eating and growing, sometimes in semi-darkness. For the next four weeks, they are confined to cages and fed a high-protein, high-starch diet that is designed to promote rapid growth. Force-feeding begins when the birds are between 8 and 10 weeks old. For 12 to 21 days, ducks and geese are subjected to this every day, up to 4 pounds of grain and fat are forced down the birds throats by means of an auger in a feeding tube. Foie gras goose feed 0So that is what these creeps will feast on, with no thought about the pain and suffering that a bird went through. But guess they don’t care. Just as France continue to produce 20,000 tons of Foie gras every year. foie_gras-600x400

So from me to the fat cats, may you choke on your lunch.

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