The World Dog Show in China, FCI wake up!


The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is the World Canine Organisation and they think it is a good idea to hold a world dog show in China 2019.

A China that has a terrible record of human and animal rights, a country who have festivals where they boil dogs and cats alive, skin them alive, and also use torture to make the meat taste better. I have written several times about Yulin and how a lot o people treat animals in China and will continue to do so until things change for the animals and until China gets out of Tibet. You can read about it here, here and here to mention a few. 16794578

How can an organisation and its members who claims to care about dogs think this is a good idea to hold a World Dog Show there?

FCI Director Yves De Clercq said it is not hypocritical to hold the show in China.

“A large majority of our members voted for the World Dog Show to be held in China. I understand protests and make clear the FCI is against any cruelty to animals, specifically dogs. We stand against the cruel ways in which the dogs are killed. This is unbearable. But to ban China from hosting the World Dog Show would be a real bad sign to China. We are saying it is an opportunity to show people dogs are not just food.” 

But hang on here. There ARE already a lot o people in China who knows this, who fight against this barbaric treatment. The people who organise such events like the Yulin festival will not care about dogs that are groomed within an inch of their life. They don’t give a toss about shiny fur or dogs stretched let right and centre to pose perfect for some judges. They don’t see these dogs as pets, but just meat and that will not change because of some dog show.

No the only proper thing would be of this FCI and the worlds Kennel clubs to boycott this event, to mark clearly that it is NOT accepted to treat animals like this, that it is not acceptable to torture or boil dogs alive. It is NOT acceptable to skin a dog alive, or to beat it to death in beliefs that it makes the meat taste better. It has NOT any medicinal properties, nor can it cool you during summer, heat you up during the winter OR bring you good luck.

Do NOT allow any international dog show there until the Chinese government stand up and ban all festivals and torture. Frankly I find it disgusting that FCI claim to care about dogs welfare but allow China to host this event.

Please watch this video, but I warn you it is nauseating and cruel:

You can sign this petition on the petition site to make your voice heard:

Don’t let China host the 2019 World Dog Show unless it stops Yulin’s dog-meat festivals!

Also let your voice be heard in social media and wherever you can, we need to stop this madness now. Thank you

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6 thoughts on “The World Dog Show in China, FCI wake up!

  1. Despicable cruel country that has NO animal welfare laws and commits the most vile atrocities imaginable towards dogs and cats. An absolute despicable atrocity that any animal show whatever is held in this hell on earth.

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  3. China are so cruel how they treat dogs its barbaric cruelty how can the government allow such a disgusting practise as for holding a dog show in china its totally wrong dogs are mans friend they are loving and the majority of people are physically sick when they see images of china butchering these poor creatures its got to stop, china is filth scum and we want out

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  4. The comparison made between Factory Farming (FF) and The Dog Meat Industry (DMI) is correct but deficient at the same time. Although horrific cruelty and suffering can be found in FF it is illegal and enforced as a Felony crime when discovered. The cruelty animals experience at the slaughterhouse is disgusting but not purposefully prolonged. The exception to this would be chickens, I would agree that the treatment of chickens in FF is ALMOST equal to the DMI’s depravity.

    The methods used to torture dogs in the DMI are beyond imagination. While alive this is what dogs endure; Dismemberment, chopping off of paws, eyes gouged out, blowtorched, boiled, skinned, hung by the neck to suffocate, tails cut off, crucified to walls using nail guns, then beaten with clubs. repeatedly, shocked with electricity, then at last electrocuted, hung from rafters by front legs and beaten, ribs are broken this is done daily to the dog until it dies, throat slit for dog to bleed out, thrown into small overstuffed metal cages, the cages are stacked onto trucks, the dogs are unable to move but will travel to the slaughterhouses without food or water for 3 to 4 days, once arrived the cages are thrown off the truck to the ground, breaking legs. Inside, the dogs that survived the journey are stabbed with a sharp object for no purpose other than to continue their suffer in the belief the meat will be more tender. No, I’m sorry it is not comparable in degree. The DMI is a depravity like no other.

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