Man Commit Suicide By Beating Himself To Death?

army_15That is what the Chinese police claim after a Tibetan man was severely beaten to death after he was arrested in Sershul county of Kham region, eastern Tibet.

My question is: HOW do you beat yourself to death??

The man was reportedly severely beaten by the local Chinese police on June 17, 2013 and died the day after. The incident occurred when the Chinese police from Arikdza village in Dzamed township in Sershul County in Karze, detained the Tibetan man and was found dead on the next day.

The Chinese authorities in the area claim his death was caused by “suicide” but the local Tibetans believe that the Tibetan man who was severely beaten and jointly tortured by the Chinese police from Nagchu and Arik Dzayultso areas was murdered in cold blood.

What do you think? What will be the Chinese police next claim? He asked for it? He walked in to a door? He liked it?  _44767178_hands_ap466Please read more at: DossierTibet

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