Chinese Cuisine And How To Get The Meat Extra Tender.

Start by viciously beat the cat or dog, slicing the paws and breaking the legs prior to slaughter it. And that with the primitive intention that the flesh of a tortured animal has greater flavour and medicinal benefits (such as good for the libido).

These ”people” who do this use electric shocks to the genitals, skinning when they are alive and when stabbing, the knife is inserted into the dog’s chest, deliberately avoiding the heart so that the bleed-out is slower and more painful…

Or if you prefer fish, the top half of a fish is wrapped in a damp cloth, as the fish is placed, still living, into hot oil. The intention is to keep the fish alive as long as possible while he is fried.

If you need help with how to properly cook the animal of your choice, there are books and videos with specific instructions on how to properly torture a dog to death so the meat get really saturated with adrenaline… And that happens while other animals are watching, hearing the screams of pain and fear…

image0000005471A dog is hog-tied in a Chinese market before being killed for his meat.

Now it not only in China that they do this. That they brutally torture and kill dogs and cats (or other animals).  For example dogs are eaten in the summer months in Korea to cool the body down, but in China they are eaten in the winter to warm the body.

  • In Korea, contrary to popular belief, dog-eating is a relatively recent phenomenon and has never been a part of their culinary history. The fabrication of dog and cat meat as an age-old part of Korean cultural heritage is a marketing strategy by unscrupulous vendors who are exploiting an easy-to-produce commodity.
  • Dogs are eaten in large numbers in China and Korea, and on a smaller scale in parts of Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Myanmar, the Asian portions of the former Soviet Union, Thailand and Vietnam. In many of these countries, the practice is less than a few generations old.
  • Cats are eaten in southern China, Korea and some parts of Indonesia.
  • Animal People estimates that 13-16 million dogs and 4 million cats are butchered each year for human consumption in Asia.
  • It is estimated that as many as 30% of the dogs sold for food in Korea are stolen pets.
  • Dog eating is illegal in Hong Kong, Korea and the Philippines and was banned in Taiwan in 2001.

ar-ruth-sackChinese cuisine speciality – dogs roasted alive.

image0000005475Special sauce for making dog “hot-pot”

image0000005477Food: slaughtered dogs on the menu

image0000001258Truckload of caged cats

Lifted by metal tongs around their necks, the cats are wrenched from their overcrowded cages and brutally slaughtered. It is common for restaurants to have cages of alive cats at the entrance, waiting to be chosen by the diner.

Over the Thailand border there are Around 1000 dogs are trafficked across the border each night, 30,000 each month, 360,000 each year. And that is just Thailand. Across Asia this is happening and it not only spells disaster for the dogs, it also greatly increases the spread of rabies. The unchecked smuggling of this crime-ridden industry has given rise to Mafia like gangs who intimidate and bribe their way across the border. This incredibly lucrative industry is lining the pockets of police, politicians, and border officials, not to mention the traffickers themselves.

Please take a moment to reflect on the poor souls who are baked alive in china…

For them: say no to China. .

We will not buy your blood-drenched products.


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4 thoughts on “Chinese Cuisine And How To Get The Meat Extra Tender.

  1. Why? The reason Chinese eat dogs is the same reason why the majority of the human species eat non-human animals, because they have been conditioned from childhood by their parents that the death and the flesh (carrion) of non-human animals is necessary, sanctioned, for a nutritious and healthy life. This is, of course, nonsense since every vegan/vegetarian is the living refutation of the avowed necessity to devour dead animals to live. More insidious is the seldom acknowledged fact that people can get away with slaughtering animals for ‘food’ purposes because others, designated slaughterers, do the dirty deed for them. Separated from the act of murder all consumers have to do is pick up the shrink-wrapped corpse in the cooler at the supermarket. Moreover, the vast majority of people are indifferent to what happens to ‘The Other’, that is non-human animals. China, specifically, has no, or extremely limited, animal welfare legislation. Why do you think your very own Chinese animal welfare activists have to struggle so hard to even be listened to by your kleptocratic totalitarian government ‘authorities’? In the abomination which is the dog and cat meat trade torture is the norm. It is justified through the excuse that doing so makes the flesh of the creature(s) more delectable. The taste buds are deemed more important than showing compassion to a non-human animal being purposely tortured to satisfy the culinary cravings of an indifferent public. China does not have a monopoly on cruelty to non-human life, but at minimum, most Western countries have some form of legal and enforced legislation to protect those of creation who cannot speak for themselves. I am deeply morally and empathically aware of what I speak about. Would you — as human being — in all honesty wish to be beaten to death? Would you wish to be blow-torched to death? Would you wish to be skinned alive and dumped in a pile of your fellow beings to die a slow agonizing death? Would you wish to be boiled to death? These are just a few of the ‘creative ways’ of ensuring a product for trade (fur, skin, bones, dubious folk medicine) or table (carrion) in present day China (and for that matter the Koreas, Vietnam and Indonesia et al.). I am indeed making a judgement on the specific facts of the dog and cat meat trade in China backed by evidence of what I have read and the on-line videos I have viewed and are readily available for public viewing, even to deniers of the horror inflicted on the innocent. I sincerely hope I make individuals uncomfortable since doing so might convince people to consider the urgency of establishing some legal and enforced form of redress for the suffering dogs and cats caught in the cruelty of the Chinese dog and cat meat trade. I urge you to support your Chinese activists who struggle against the tide of authoritarian indifference to the horror of the dog and cat meat trade. They deserve to be acknowledged. The tortured non-humans would thank you for showing empathy and compassion.

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