They Injected The Head Of The Baby With Some Kind Of Poison… IMAGE WARNING!!

This is what happened to one of the Tibetan woman and sadly she is not the only one this happens to. This is common practise by China…

When I was pregnant with my third child Chinese officials came to my house many times to convince me to have an abortion. They told me that I was not allowed to have a third child and that I should go to the hospital when I was about 5 months pregnant to have an abortion injection. I became very frightened and decide to leave my home until the baby was due. I was afraid I would be forced to have an abortion if I stayed at home. I went to stay with my mother In another village. During the months I stayed with my mother ‘the officials who had told me to get an abortion came to my home about 10 times. They asked my husband where I was. When he said that he didn’t know where I was they slapped him in the face, kicked him and beat him with sticks. They threatened to arrest him if he didn’t tell them where I was and if I didn’t turn up. They carried pistols and handcuffs.

When the baby was due I went home. About one month after the delivery the officials came to my house again and threatened that they would take away all our possessions and arrest my husband . . . . They ordered me to come with them to hospital . . . . I was given an injection in my spine. It was meant to anesthetize me, but in fact I could feel exactly what the doctors were doing. The operation was very painful. There were four beds in the surgery room. I saw with my own eyes how they injected pregnant women with very long needles. They injected the head of the baby with some kind of poison. Later these women had miscarriages in hospital. I saw many fetuses in the toilets. I saw how they were eaten by dogs. The parents weren’t allowed to keep the foetus unless they paid the medical bill for the operation. These bills were so high that nobody could pay them.

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