China And North Korea Shoot Arrows at Live Roosters For Fun.

tourists-shoot-roosters-with-arrows-on-jilin-ice-festival-03-600x3972013 January 14, at the Jilin Province Yanji City Ice Festival, during the traditional Chinese-Korean archery event and in accordance with age-old folk custom, live roosters symbolizing prey were used as targets for tourists to shoot at.  What is it with these people who find it amusing to torture animals? How dead inside are you to be this brutal? Too many stories about animal abuse and torture comes from China. They kill animals and people in the most horrific ways, prolonged torture to get as much pain from their victim as possible. tourists-shoot-roosters-with-arrows-on-jilin-ice-festival-02-600x397I will never understand how pure evil humans can be. And to often their acts hide behind words like religion or tradition. Does that justify evil acts? Is it ok to torture just because it has been done for hundreds of years? I think that is as ok as eating human flesh or gender mutilation. In other words, it is NOTJilin Province   Google MapsPhotos are from China smack a site I strongly recommend you to visit.

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