Torture Chamber For China’s Bile Bears

Bear Bile farming, ChinaPhoto by:

Can you imagine how life would be to live in ‘crush cages’ so tight that you can hardly move at all, you can not sit, turn around or stand up?

From when you are a young child, 24 hours a day for up to 20 years if you survive that long (most don’t) , until you die and the pain finally ends…

“While bear bile farming is legal in China, using metal jackets, which crush the bear’s torso, and catheters to drain bile are against regulations. The only procedure permitted is the so-called ”humane”, ‘free-drip’ method whereby a permanent hole (fistula) is cut into the bear’s abdomen for bile to leak through continually…These jackets are designed to restrain the bears, with sharp metal spikes poking into their necks to stop them bending their heads, and straps and strips of metal restricting their limb movements. They also have a permanent catheter running from the bear’s abdomen to a pouch under the jacket to make bile removal easy for the farmer. These contraptions are no better than medieval torture devices and inflict enormous pain and permanent damage on the bear.” Animals Asia website




At a press conference in February, the chairperson of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine said: “The process of extracting bear bile is like turning on a tap: natural, easy and without pain. After they’re done, the bears can even play happily outside. I don’t think there’s anything out of the ordinary! It might even be a very comfortable process!

Is that why these bears screams? And most of them have never had a chance to feel the grass under their feet. Or even stand up… That is if they even have feet’s left. Some lose them in metal traps when they are caught wild. Others get their paws cut off to be sold as souvenirs or to restaurants. Others chew on their own feet in the stress and pain they endure day after day… bearfarmingimage_51-300x199 In recent years, there has been a dramatic growth in the production of bear bile products, which has spawned a market for a whole new range of items far removed from the formulations of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, bile can even be used as an ingredient in shampoo, wine, eye drops and all manner of pre-prepared ointments. In 1999, bottles of bear bile wine were even handed out as gifts for passengers on internal flights.4f2f39bfe3e93_bear-captivity

Down below is a beautiful song that now has a totally new meaning, please watch and listen…

We must help these poor bears, there are at least 50 different herbs that can be used and also synthetic fluid so there are absolutely NO need to do this torture…

Please visit Animal Asia to find out more, please help these animals…

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25 thoughts on “Torture Chamber For China’s Bile Bears

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  3. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    sorry china, sorry asia, you completely failed and you will pay for that – karma is waiting for all of you and you will suffer,
    rot in hell!!


  4. Spread the word in all languages! This practice was started a long time ago by an ancient emperor that lost his son to a bear attack. He had his medicine man spread the rumor over the land that the bear’s bile had amazing healing properties when taken while the bear was still alive, ensuring that all bears would die a slow painful death in retribution for his son’s death and that rich and poor would hunt down all bears until there were none left, without it ever costing him a single piece of gold thanks to his clever lie.
    These days’ people still believe his lies and due to the placebo effect in believing them, it gives just another way for the greedy to part fools with their money.


      • Yes it never cesses to amaze me the way mankind can manipulate things to get what he wants with no concern for anything or anyone. If enough can hear this and realize they have been conned maybe it might just take away some of the demand and save some of the poor things. Keep up the great work you are doing my blessings go with you.


      • Oh you are so right Doug, the way mankind slaughter and are cruel to our precious animals is beyond comprehension! Thankfully there are so many good people ‘out there’ that do what they can to save and protect those poor animals, so we all can just continue to give a voice to them.. Thank you so much!


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    • Hi Mary, Animal Asia is working with freeing these bears. so far they have saved 400 of them (in 20 years.) There are several success stories though. The bear on the first photo is free now and called Wilfred, He was rescued by ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’ The other I sadly don’t know but doing research about that..


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