Nearly 40% Of Children In China Suffer Abuse

Most child protection regulations in China are incapable of preventing kids from coming to harm and most are mere advisories with no firm rules or punishments for people found to have mistreated children, says a Chinese professor amid a wave of high-profile child abuse cases in the country.

One of the most widely discussed recent cases involves a female kindergarten teacher who lifted a boy from the ground by his ears and put adhesive tape over his mouth before throwing the child into a garbage can. The teacher was detained, though she had technically not breached any child protection law.




Pi Yijun, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said that child abusers should be punished under the law. According to Pi, Chinese society has long considered children to be pieces of clay in the hands of parents or other adults, to be moulded into any form they wish.

The results from a survey conducted in China reveal about 40% of children in the country have been mistreated, and 4.4% have been severely abused.

The survey said 95.6% of polled internet users support the idea of including child abuse in the country’s criminal code to hold offenders accountable.

It is understood that legal consequences for abuse apply only to family members, and the maximum prison term for offences is two years.

Source: Want China times


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