Several Pregnant Dogs Saved From The Dog Eating Festival In Yulin, China.


Chinese animal activists flocked to Yulin, to save the lives of hundreds of dogs before the local dog meat festival began on last Friday. More than 20 activists from various cities in China, most of them Buddhists, spent more than 100,000 yuan (around HK$126,000), most donated by animal lovers, to buy and save around 400 dogs from the local markets.The activists have re-settled these dogs on a farm in Shangrao, Jiangxi. “This year most of the dogs are females. They are pregnant. It’s so cruel,” said Du Yufeng, 55, an activist from an animal protection association.

An animal lover, Du founded the group after the 2008 Tibet earthquake, when many dogs had to be killed for reasons of public sanitation, she said. “These dogs live in a very poor conditions [in the market]. They don’t have water to drink and some of them died soon after we saved them,’’ said Hong Bin, 40, a Buddhist artist who joined the dog rescue.

944441_367125276742632_2122099014_n1016665_368005199987973_321295062_n (1)993762_368043196650840_2137184386_n1005074_366384516816708_880412749_nNow, there are people who say that eating dogs and cats and to cook them alive for better taste is an old tradition, but that is more an excuse to let this barbaric slaughter go on year after year. But does those people also approve of witch hunt (February 2013 in Papua New Guinea), Cannibalism (Korowai, Indonesian New Guinea), Human sacrifice (Uganda’s capital, Kampala), Female Genital Mutilation (done in parts of Africa and the Middle East and also in western countries) and Blood fiestas (Spain)?

Those things and more still happens today, does it make it ok just because it is as tradition? FGM-instrumentsTools used in female genital mutilation

The photos with texts and involving the rescue of some of the dogs from Yulin dog meat-eating festival is from: Hand in hand with asia 

BIG thanks to all wonderful people who cares about our friends with 4 legs!

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  1. I am very impressed with your work. I want to adopt a dog from China that saved from slaughterhouses and Yulin dog festivals, so I have connected with No dogs Left behind.

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