Petitions To Stop The Dog Meat Festival In Yulin, China. Please Sign And Share


If you are in US you can sign here to Capitol hill: Petition2congress

A world petition for everybody to sign: causes

If you are in the UK you can sign this petition to UK gov: HM Government

This is another petition to sign through, there you send a mail to Wang Kai, Acting Mayor of Yulin: Change

More pages below about the dog meat industry in Asia, they have petitions too that are VERY important to sign!

Change For Animals Foundation

No To Dog Meat

Animals Asia


Humane society International (HSI)

Please take your time to read, sign and share to as many as you can. Let us be the animals voices… They need YOU…





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61 thoughts on “Petitions To Stop The Dog Meat Festival In Yulin, China. Please Sign And Share

  1. these people are discusting,they believe things that never happen,so leave the dogs alone,you wil not be a better person when you kook dogs alive and eat them,you wil be punisched one day,karma wil get you…

  2. stop this barbaric, sadistic tradition of abuse and torture of our highly intelligent beloved friend the dog!

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  4. These chinees people are not peopl but beasts! I really have no words than the hope the Creator will take revenge some day….

  5. China, what a horrible people you are!!!
    A people always shows his true character by the way they treat animals!!!

    • pero que se puede esperar de los chinos, si entre ellos se comen , si no soportan mas nacimientos humanos , mucho menos van a soportar a los pobres animalitos, pero bueno me alegra saber lo que les pasa a los chinos, y ojala y ellos sean los primeros en arder en el infierno, ojala que nuestros países no permitieran la entrada a este tipo de personas , así como ellos no nos dan la entrada a su país que ni me interesa en lo personal, solo me interesa el bien estar animal

  6. I can’t comprehend anyone savagely cold-bloodedly murdering innocent defenceless dogs they love and trust unconditionally and only want the same in return I took up for the china nation saying that they didn’t abuse or kill dogs any worse than any other but after saying these disturbing disgusting pictures of actual proof of their odvious guilt in not only murdering dogs they also eat them my opinion now is they are a bunch of cold blooded and blood thirsty monsters lesson is learned i’ll never take up for any nation that’s been accused of being animal torture.

    • Oh aye Donna,the truth is right out there how they treat animals AND humans.. And the belief that the meat will taste better after torture is so sickening.. China is filled with cold hearted liars that torture animals and makes medicine of babies.. :( And even if there are a lot of good people too they must stand up for these poor creatures now!

  7. Please, let this stop!!!!!
    Animale diskette a good live , there love is so true!!!!
    China you are evil and don’t diserve to live
    Disgusting people thats wat you are

  8. Sick,disgusting ,sadtistisk ,cruel,barbaric,pure evil fucking monsters..How can this heartless monsters live whit them self.Stop tortured,boiled alive,skinned alive,electroucud ,beaten,hung,kill and eat man,s best friend..Stop this sadtistisk horror to this poor,sweet dogs how just want to be love …Stop this pure evil dog meat trade now..

  9. These evil bastards,squint eyed sobitches,may God send your scum bag asses straight to HELL and may burn through all eternity,and your worthless,heartless goverment burn with you…

  10. Is this nessersary to survive. It is cruel and barbaric done for greed and money. No thought for the suffering of animals

  11. inumani aceasta rasa de galbejiti,canibali,,de ce nu va mancati intre voi nenorocitilor.ptr. aceasta rasa am numai ura,mizerabili,imputiti si criminali ASIA un intreg continent de canibali si bestii

  12. These people are so sick in there heads who could eat a dog ! Show me in the bible you can eat any animals and dogs and I want to see it ! This needs to stop now !!!!

  13. Please stop this before it’s to late for your karma! All animals have right to live life! Please please stop this and give the animals recpect, the are made bij God so please have respect and leave the dogs and cats and all other animals alone if you don’t like them! Think of your KARMA

  14. Really this is sociopathic treatment of animals, especially dogs and cats. They are so intelligent. They have great emotional intelligence. They are so aware and knowing. They have natural capacity for love, loyalty, and trust. We domesticated them as companion animals and we betray them when we are so cruel and torturous. We must protect the innocent, defenseless, and voiceless. We are only as good as this. Please show the world you are capable of compassion, reverence for life, and moral and humane actions. Enlightened people who wish to evolve are not capable of these acts. Great nations go forth with moral responsibility, leading the way in empathy, kindness, and love. Thank you.

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  16. Evil sadists! Well, it is time the world pays back China on behalf of the dogs, by not buying ‘made in China’ products. I want these bastards to know what it feels like to be a dog (or any animal for that matter) in China.

  17. Please put a stop to this cruelty. Dogs are the most caring animals, having grown up with them all my life, they honestly become part of the family and can be so human like, mine protect me, my family and my home. This is outrageous and heartbreaking.

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