China Is One Of Few Countries Where Cat And Dog Meat Eating Are Legal And Acceptable.

 China is one of few countries where cat and dog meat-eating remains legal and socially acceptable. In restaurants and at dog-meat markets, dog meat lovers often stand and watch the animals of their choice being tortured prepared to their taste… And remember that it is not only dogs. Cats go through the same treatment when being prepared to be cooked or get their fur ripped of their bodies in incredible pain…

guangzhou-china-boiled-alive-cats-07And rats, pigs, horses, cows, chickens, snakes, fishes, birds and the list goes on. Just as in every country, the difference is in the slaughter method…  What we can do starting right away for all the animals exposed to this brutality is ban Chinese products, do NOT buy fur! Protest, sign petitions and spread the word about how China treats its animals AND humans. “The more suffering, the better the taste. Doing it like this is to ensure that the blood is fully soaked into the flesh, and that the flavour of the cat meat prepared tastes great.”…

cat slaughter



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25 thoughts on “China Is One Of Few Countries Where Cat And Dog Meat Eating Are Legal And Acceptable.

  1. As a Chinese, I want to claim something. First, there’s only a few area eat dog, and I believe most Chinese against eating pets. In my home town, we never do thing like eating dogs, and we seeing trying ” eating dog” festival. However, there are always some crazy people everywhere wants to eat dogs.

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    • I appreciate your self conscious to avoid people get into wrong conclusions or a bad impression on Chinese. As you stated yourself,

      “I believe most Chinese against eating pets”.
      But the definition of a PET is, ” a domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility”.
      That means all the outside slum dogs and cats which are are not pets.

      So do you people do not hesitate to skin alive, burn and tortured the poor slum dogs and cats like this.
      And then if they want they do the same to the pets also in case they don’t find something to cook.

      Also some other countries do the same, but your country celebrate torturing these innocent animals.
      May be you are an exception a millionth, but all others are not.
      My intention is not to hurt you but telling the truth. Apologies if I am wrong in doing so. .

      And happy finding you good, try to change these cruel people at least few, if you can. God will bless you..

      thank you very much.
      With my Blessings to you and your family.
      Uma Maheswar

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  2. All is gross to eating our pets such as dogs and cats and horse’s cuz there are all other kinds of animals and fish and ect….to eat on this Earth besides all the up above garbage… Be real and get a flipping life stop killing animals such as dogs cats and horses…ect!!!! That is gross and sucks for all!!!!!! :-(:-(:-(:'(:'(:-(:-(

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