Scandinavias Cruel Fur Farms *Photos*

The text below is taken from the homepage of EFBA (European Fur Breeders Association).

  • Fur farming in Europe is among the best controlled in the world.
  • Europe meets the toughest demands in terms of quality production, conditions and respect for animal welfare and for the environment.
  • The health and welfare of the fur animals on the farms are controlled by the national and European veterinarians’ community to guarantee a good level.

Denmark is the largest producer of mink pelts in Europe and fur is the third largest agricultural export from Denmark. While Finland is the largest producer of fox pelts in Europe. There are 7,200 fur farmers in the EU Member States.  China is the second largest worldwide producer of fur pelts and the biggest competitor to European fur farmers. The value of EU farmed fur amounts to €1.5 billion

So what about the animals who are forced to live in these prisons? Do they have such a good life, like fur farmers often seems to claim? How they live in China we already know, so how is it EU? What is the truth?

Fur farm in Parikkala, Finland. These photographs were taken and published by the Finnish animal rights organisation Oikeutta eläimille (“Justice for Animals”) after an undercover investigation of Finnish fur farms. Source 800px-Oikeutta_eläimille_-_Fur_farming_in_Finland_11minkki_1kettu_1kettu_2Do they look happy and taken care of?

In Sweden there are about 1 million minks born and killed on nearly 60 fur farms in the country. Every year. Does these minks look well fed and happy? Photos and the rights belongs to ©Animal Rights Alliance 10-600x37004-600x37002-600x37001-600x370The video below are made by the same organisation: 

What about Denmark? Do they take care of their animals? 

Or what about Norway?  Fur from Europe is not more animal friendly than fur from China, as you see from the photos and videos above. What is also very worrying is that according to Copenhagen Fur, within the last year at least five Danish mink farms have been bought by Chinese investors… Source

So in conclusion, does EFBA have right? Is this proof of animal welfare? This is what’s going on in Europe today, we are no better than China when it comes to fur farms, are we…?


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12 thoughts on “Scandinavias Cruel Fur Farms *Photos*

  1. OMG. And, I thought it couldn’t be any worse than China fur farms. All fur farms should be shut down because animal cruelty and the abusive conditions these poor innocent animals have to live in because of stupid, ignorant and creedy humans. They all make me sooo sick. Wish I could rescue all of them.


  2. Fur farming is one of the cruelest industries on this planet and all for human vanity. I am working full-time on getting fur banned in South Africa. Although the tone of my blog is light, the issues are serious.


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