Father Fights For His Family After The Murder Of His Newborn In China.

1308071424232320Gong Qifeng

Wu Yongyuan is seeking justice for himself and his wife Gong Qifeng who saw their baby being put alive in a plastic bag and taken away by a cleaning lady to be buried alive.

Their story starts he 1 st of November in 2011, when 7 month pregnant Gong is enjoying a hot bath in the afternoon. Suddenly the flat is broken into by six or seven officials from the family planning office in Anping Town, Lianyuan City in Hunan, China. While they rip her out of the bath and force her into a grey van, they tell her that she needs a abortion and forcibly take her to Lianyuan Family Planning Bureau. From there they take her to a hospital after faking her and Wu’s signatures that they agree to the abortion. When they arrive several men forced her down in a bed, holding her hard while a doctor stick a long syringe with poison in her swollen belly and into the unborn child. “She was very scared. But she could not fight back. She just cried loudly,” Wu said when he arrived.

1308071424112320--ssTheir little home where Gong was abducted.

After lying in excruciating pain for 35 hours, Gong gave birth to a little baby boy. Gong told Wu to keep the baby, but the doctor stopped him and said the injection was lethal and the baby would die soon. Then the doctor dropped the baby into a bag, it was still moving and crying weakly. After 40 minutes the doctor paid the cleaning lady, who told him she’d bury the body at a nearby mountain. The little boy was still alive

After this life changed dramatic way for the once so happy couple. Gong felt guilty for not having protected her child. She also became ill-tempered and started showing signs of mental disorder. She is afraid of going out and seeing strangers. She often bites her husband. She is also desperately afraid of seeing doctors and needles.This is told by Wu in a phone interview he made with Epoch Times.

His wife was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia on June 14, 2013, but Wu has been unable to afford psychiatric treatment. He demanded compensation from local authorities and the provincial family planning bureau, but none have seen fit to respond. They only said that it’s his own business. He tried to contact media to get help, but his pleas was ignored. Wu has posted the story online, but unlike other extreme incidents of abuse associated with the enforcement of the one child policy, the reaction has been muted.. They have said it’s his own business… The only comment (and an obvious lie) from the family planning office was that the baby was born dead.

August the 1 st 2013, Wu brought reporters to the bureau in a new desperate bid to be heard. And telling reporters that the planning officials was forging their signatures on an agreement to the forced abortion. That’s when he got threatened by the staff with the words:  “If you put my name sin the blog and go online, and if I get suspended, I will find you afterwards and I WILL revenge!” woman-having-mental-dissociation-after-forced-abortion-05

2013 July, he received a reply from the Lianyuan City Petition Office: It couldn’t be proved that the mental disorder had anything to do with the labor induction…

How can this be allowed to carry on? Why are UNICEF, UN and Amnesty so quiet about it. AND where are the women organisations? Feminists? This couple and thousands of others get no help at all even if this is a huge breach of their human rights. Or maybe these people aren’t important enough? It isn’t interesting enough for the media so therefore these so called organisations who are supposed to care can’t be bothered either? I think it’s a huge scandal and very disgusting! 1308071424042320

The original article here. It is in Chinese, but you can easily use a translator. Very interesting and sad reading.

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3 thoughts on “Father Fights For His Family After The Murder Of His Newborn In China.

  1. Very Discusting ! Indeed ! I Think The Latter Of Yoor Post Is The Truth The Organisations Just Dont Care ! Who R They ? They Are Human Beings 🙂


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