Three Gored By Bulls In Pamplona. You Get What You Deserve!


San Fermín Festival. Pamplona, Spain. Every year. For nine days these animals one after another suffers brutally and yet the cheering masses think this is great fun?

Prior to the Running of the Bulls, electric prods and sharp sticks are used to set the bulls into frenzy. The Bulls are bred in fields and are not accustomed to the noise of the crowd or being surrounded by people. They are then kept in crowded, dark enclosures, and when they are prodded onto the streets with electric shocks, struck by spears they are momentarily blinded by the sunlight. They are terrified and are hit by runners with sticks. The corners of the bulls’ route are quite sharp, and the animals often lose their footing and slide into walls, breaking bones and injuring themselves. All the bulls who slip and slide on the streets of Pamplona are running towards a bloody and horrific death in the bullring. There the torture continues… SPAIN-FESTIVAL-TOURISM-PAMPLONAI came across a site called Pamplona balconies where they even claim that the bulls usually don’t get hurt! That is just pure lies to get the tourists money. They say:

During the Bull Run (encierro) the bulls usually do not get hurt. They may bruise themselves if they slip and fall. In the evening then at 6 pm , the bulls are killed during the bullfights in the bullfight arena (Plaza de Toros). Particularly brave bulls may be pardoned by the audience and let to die a natural death but this rarely ever happens.’ article-2361753-1AC713DC000005DC-625_634x478Anybody who participate in this animal torture, whether it is running with the bulls, standing on the side, cheering on from a balcony or even watch the bullfighting are nothing but disgusting. You are as worthless as rapists, murderers and paedophiles. buull1


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3 thoughts on “Three Gored By Bulls In Pamplona. You Get What You Deserve!

  1. I have compassion for the bulls and the young people who have been misled. They are told the bulls are so pampered and cared for and an angle has been brilliantly sold with the theme “We honor the bull”. The coverage on the injuries has been trivialized. I have searched the videos and images online and have found 4 people being trampled, and various other injuries. I am a critical care nurse with 33 years experience. I have taken care of people with injuries caused by bulls. It is extremely heart breaking to see the internal trauma. I am trying to locate the one I think is the worst of the trampling injuries. He is lying on the ground unconcious with 8 – 10 bulls bearing down on him. In the next picture I found 2 bulls have passed and I can see his ear is full of blood. Multiple bulls are still to come straight at him. I have tried to get his condition report and his name but no one will say a word. I have seen videos of 2 different guys claiming to be him and saying they are ok. These two guys are similar but they do not match his description. Can you help me with this?


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