Urgent! STOP ‘The Great Bull Run’ In USA!

Today to my horror I found out that Several states will have running with the bulls events, starting with start August 24 in Richmond, Virginia. article-2384153-1B228999000005DC-580_634x288

Organizers of the event ”The Great Bull Run” are inspired by the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Similar as in Pamplona, they will unleash bulls to sprint in a fenced in course while idiots try to avoid being trampled. The events are planned for several U.S. cities monthly and the organiser Rob Dickens say they’re planning each of the U.S. events as an all-day experience, with plenty of activities such as a tomato fight, also modelled after a Spanish festival. But they hope the bull runs draw participants who have always wanted to participate but couldn’t make the trip to Spain. They promote these events with photos from the running with the bulls event in Pamplona, so participants will see what’s in store for them. Trying to make it a fun and exiting event.

The organisers also claim that: ”Unlike the running of the bulls in Spain, we don’t kill the bulls in a bullfight, nor do we abuse them in any way,” organizers state on the event website. “We don’t hit them, shock them or deprive them of food, water, light or sleep. In fact, we have a veterinarian on site at all times to make sure the bulls are treated properly and are perfectly healthy before, during and after each run.”

So the stress and noises of screaming people won’t be hurtful for them enough? Having people hang in their tails and horns, getting smacked on the sides? These bulls will get hurt unless they plan to tie bubble wrap around them.. What will they do if the bull’s wont run? Beg them kindly to run after the idiots? Tie carrots on the sprinters shirts? Bribe them?The Great Bull Run   Festival Locations   The Great Bull Run

You can find out more on their site: The great bull run or on their Facebook page you can also email them: info@thegreatbullrun.com

And PLEASE, sign the petition: Halt Great Bull Runs in USA

I think this is sick and a so-called tradition that should NOT be allowed. Claiming that the bulls will not get hurt is ”Bull”, they can not guarantee that they will be unharmed. The people who will participate in it I honestly don’t care about. This is not brave or a measurement of how ”cool” you are. It just show how pathetic and blind you are for animals suffering. 8547_154704748047924_1289001589_n


Photos are from Pamplona, Spain.



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