ReBorn Zombie

I am very fascinated with Tibet. The reason is what happens in the country, how China as an example treat the Tibetan people. I do not really know when my passion or interest started about Tibet but it was around when I did my first tattoo. I have always been interested and wanted a tattoo just never got to the point where I actually really got one. All I knew is that I wanted a more spiritual one and not cartoon characters, names, flowers, pinups, celebrity, anchors, or others that seemed so popular. Wanted a tattoo that meant something perhaps one that I could find comfort in. Does that sound ridiculous? I mean it is “just” a picture, some colored ink really.

My life has always been a mess always somehow constantly had the feeling of not belonging anywhere, I guess you could say I was lost somehow. Living but at the same time not, existing but not noticing the world around me. Honestly, I just didn’t care either, why would I bother what happened in the world or which friend cheated with who. I was an insecure lonely girl who just tried to survive and see how long I could live before ending it all. Depressing yeah, but that was my life, another time I might go in deeper how it was but don’t know, doubt there is any interest for other people to know either honestly.

Anyway, back to Tibet. Dalai Lama has always fascinated me for reason I am not sure over and around the time for my first tattoo, I started to “investigate” more about Buddhism, Tibet and Dalai Lama and felt more and more alive. I still remember how the needle felt in my body sitting there in the tattoo salon, there was no pain just a feeling of being filled with energy, happiness, and even confidence going through my veins, every nerve in my body. I guess that is when I really started living, somehow the first time I felt truly alive and strong here in this big world of ours. So since Tibet, Dalai Lama and Buddhism helped me I have the need to do what I can to help and support back.

The zombie is dead a fighter is born.


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