Tibetan Musician Released From Xiling!

Popular Tibetan musician Tashi Dhondup was released on 8 February 2011 from Xiling prison, reported Radio Free Asia and Tibetan news blog Khabdha. In January 2010, he was sentenced to 15 months of re-education through labour for “separatist activities” related to his music.

The much-loved artist from Amdo, eastern Tibet, was arrested at gun-point from a restaurant in Xiling while his wife wept and grabbed one of the police officer’s legs in an attempt to hold him back. The incident took place soon after the release of his album “Torture without Trace”, which contained strong lyrics on the political situation in Tibet. His song “1958 – 2008” compares two “terrifying” periods for Tibetans and spread among Tibetans inside and outside Tibet via the internet and mobile phones.

Tashi Dhondup became a strong figure of the ‘cultural resistance’, a resurgence of Tibetan pride and creativity following the 2008 protests which swept across the Tibetan plateau. In the last three years, musicians and writers in Tibet have used their craft to oppose Chinese rule and celebrate their Tibetan identity. This has made them targets of the ongoing Chinese crackdown.Tibetan exiles have rallied their support for the new heroes of the Tibetan resistance by publishing translations of their poems in English and making their music easily available on the internet and as MP3s.

This article is taken from: http://www.atc.org.au/news-mainmenu-28/1-latest/1567-tibetan-musician-tashi-dhondup-released-from-prison

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