Tourists torture Donkeys in Greece

The charity Help the donkeys in Santorini works hard to protect donkeys that are constantly abused and used by both ignorant tourists and also carrying heavy loads daily in scorching weather and without proper care or shelter. 568 cobbeled steps up steep hills. Then same to do down and dump the tourists for the next load too lazy to walk.

Between May and October about 1200 tourists visit Santorini everyday and many of them jump up on these donkeys without a care in the world. 1200. Everyday… 1200 EVERYDAY.

The donkeys are worked so hard until they can carry no more, 7 days a week. Then if they are lucky they are rescued, otherwise killed because the owners have no use for them anymore and they go get a new donley to abuse.

These donkeys live in constant pain from wearing tourists up and down. Their spines are ruined just as their joints. Deep wounds from ill fitting sadles. Hungry, tired and thirsty.

Tourists make sure this abuse continue by paying the cruel owners. The tourists are paying to torture these donkeys and by doing that they are evil animal abusers.

If any tourist wants to walk up to Fira then please use the legs you have under that arse. Have some pride and take a stand against cruelty towards animals. Be against it, not part of it!

Here is 2 petitions I found:

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9 thoughts on “Tourists torture Donkeys in Greece

  1. These bloody monsters with big bloody ares weighing not less than 200 kg. These monsters should be used for carrying loads instead of those poor innocent ones.

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    • We need to keep spreading this and also support local rescues in helping them spreading what these poor donkeys go through. Was thinking about lobbying the cruise companies, but doubt they would care sadly

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    • Good Afternoon dear Loretta,
      Somebody from that country or people living nearby have to put up a petion on Care2 or PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

      And the Ministry of tourism of that country and the Ministry of Animal husbandry have to come together and look. It is like tying a bell in the cats neck. God save those innocent animals.

      We the humans are barbarians, See those fat ugly creatures, how they are enjoying and see that F@#%&i old bloody skeleton, how he is enjoying snapping that Bloody bif DRUM on that innocent animal. I feel like kicking them.
      So sad, tears rolling down.

      Regards and blessings,

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