June 21, another Yulin dog meat festival starts.

Another year of unbearable pain. Another years of helpless dogs being slaughtered. Another year of dogs being thrown in pots with boiling water. Another year of torturing dogs because of “tradition”.

This starts June 21.. 2018..

They even have manuals of how to prolong the dogs deaths. How to get the adrenaline flowing so the meat are juicier. Such as: Start by viciously beating the dog, slicing the paws and breaking the legs. All that with the primitive idea that the flesh of tortured animal tastes better, have stronger flavour and medicinal benefits (such as good for the libido).

Some use electric shocks to the genitals, skinning when they are alive and when stabbing, the knife is inserted into the dog’s chest, deliberately avoiding the heart so that the bleed-out is slower and more painful… But hey, it is tradition, right?

It is 2018. How many more years will this continue? When will those backyard cavemen catch up to the modern life? Realise that these “traditions” are pure bullshit?

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