Carson & Barnes Circus

Carson & Barnes is a North American circus touring with its animals around US. On their site they of course brag about their long history and how well they treat their animals.

But what is the truth behind their big fake smiles and sparkly clothes? This circus have MORE than 100 animal welfare violations! Such as:

  • Failing to provide animals with adequate veterinary care
  • Minimum amount of required space
  • Not provide good shelter from weather
  • Not good with clean water to drink

A veteran trainer was caught on video violently hitting elephants with bullhooks and shocking them with electric prod. Lastest offence was just last month when the bottom of a trailer transporting 4 elephants fell off!

These above are just SOME of the violations commited by this circus! Have a look at the videos below how it REALLY is;

Elephants does NOT want to be beaten an humiliated like that!

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