Happy Losar!

Happy Losar to you all!

May this new year bring happiness, love and most of all freedom!

For those who dont know what Losar is, it is the Tibetan New Year. Now a new year starts and according to the Tibetan calender it is year 2145, the year of the male earth dog.

Losar falls in February but the dates can differ due to the lunar calendar. This year it starts today February 16. It is celebrated with loved ones, debts are settled and any ill feelings are done with and put behind you. Families, friends and strangers exhange gifts, offerings are made and rituals to ward of evil spirits. Traditional foods and drinks are enjoyed and shared.Already a month before Losar people begin to prepare with cleaning, white washing their houses and bring out the best decorations. This is obviously simplified because Losar is SO much more and have deep spiritual meanings. This post would be miles long if I explained everything, so want to end this with my best wishes of happiness, luck, love and safety for the New Year.

Tashi Delek my friends.

Losar has NOTHING to do with Chinese new year, so dont mix them up or believe they are the same please.

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