What is WRONG with People?

Reading an article today regarding the River Thames in London, UK.

A Swan and other birds are struggling to find food amongst all the things thrown in. Condoms, sanitary towels, tampons, mugs and so on. It looks solid.

I grew up and also raised my son to ALWAYS throw things in a bin, there are NO excuses.

People and animals are DYING because of how people just throw away things with not a single thought or concern about the lives destroyed by it.

The plastic thrown away does not magicaly disappear. It can take between 10-1000 years for a plastic bag to “go away”. 450 years and longer for a plastic bottle. Which means the generations to come have to pay for our ignorance. It is not only us, the people who buy the stuff, but also the retail business world over who put EVERYTHING in plastic these days. I went in to my local Asda the other day to buy fruit, but they no longer sell it individually. You have to buy 6 apples, 7 onions and so on. Everything prepacked in plastic.

How can we stop this?

People EVERYWHERE need to be conscious about what we do with out rubbish. What we buy. Stores and manufacturers need to take their responsibility to cut the waste too. Like Asda I mentioned above.

We ALL need to work together. We ALL need to dispose of our garbage the right way. And yes, that include stores to stop selling pre packed fruit and vegetables. That include us citizens of the world to recycle. Animals and people are dying.

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