GREAT News, Poacher eaten by Lions

David Balayi, 50 from Mozambique was out for suspected poaching in Umbaba game reserve, South Africa when he and two ther scumbags were attacked by a pride of Lions.

The two scumbag friends ran of while Baloyi was turned in to a meal and devoured by the Lions. Left was only his head (probably just an empty vessel containing air) two .456 Winchester rifles and a bag of ammunition.

I call that poetic justice and hope the Lions enjoyed their meal.

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2 thoughts on “GREAT News, Poacher eaten by Lions

  1. Poachers first and foremost interest of Hunting an Animal such Magnificent is in the hope of Getting the poor animals Head mounted on a Wall. So these Lions knew it very well. That’s why in return these smart and intelligent Lions ate the evil man’s body, and very carefully left the HEAD without DISTURBING IT…SO IN CASE WHEN HIS FRIENDS RETURNS LATER ON, THEY CAN COLLECT THE HEAD PORTION AND GO HOME AND MOUNT IT ON A WALL.. The Mission ACCOMPLISHED….

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