England to BAN travelling Circuses with Wild Animals

Environment secretary Michael Gove is to put a ban on circuses travelling with wild animals in England.

Would be great, but knowing all to well how slow and clueless governments are I will not hold my breath. You would think that in this day and age it would already be banned since people are becoming more aware of the horrific abuse that goes on. 94.5 percent of people in England support this ban and I truly hope it goes through quickly.

Circses are nit fun for the animals. They dont perform because they WANT to, but because they are FORCED. It is brutal, degrading and cruel. They are transported around like non-living beings cramped in unsanitary cages. They are stressed and not happy animals no matter what circus owners try to claim.

It NEEDS to be banned NOW, not two years from now, but straight away. These animals needs to be put in sanctuaries to live out the rest of their days without ever be forced do perform in front of people again! So please Michael Gove, make it happen!

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