Are Circuses with Wild Animals important?

My answer is NO! There is NO need for money hungry clowns, sorry I mean circus owners to put wild animals of any kind in trailers and bump around on the roads in UK, nor in ANY country. Lions, Camels, Elephants, Zebras, Tigers, it does not matter, it is not natural and not healthy. Not a life these animals should endure.

There is NO educational value in it, not when there are great programs and videos and not to forget travels around the world to see these magnificent creatures.

Where is the fun for these animals? Cramped in cages on polluted roads with lots of strange noices and movements. Crowds that scream, laugh and shout, the animals DONT need that stress! Then to be shoved back into cages and out on the roads again. Dont these animals deserve a proper happy life? A life worth living?

A man with the name Thomas Chipperfield from Cannock who is claimed to be “Britains last lion tamer” wants to tour Britain this summer with his “An evening with Lions and Tigers” which I hope he will NOT be allowed to! I sincerely hope those poor animals will not be allowed out on the road.

Isn’t he a macho and cool guy posing there? (Yeah right….. Pathetic more like it.)

I LOVE Lions and Tigers and thats why I hope this kind of people and circuses will be shut down. It is outdated and wrong to put animals through the stress.

Please read more on following sites:

6 BIG reasons why big cats don’t belong in circuses (PETA)

Wild animals in circuses and other travelling shows denied “life worth living” (ADI)

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