Welcome to South Korea! (Stay Away)

South Korea. Olympics. Hundreds of athletes competing and sleeping and eating. But eating what exactly? In South Korea there are plenty of dog farms. You know the places. Where they store dogs in small crates to then be slaughtered and cooked. Over 2 million dogs are eaten there as a summertime delicacy that is said to increase energy and also give the dog eater better sex life… After the government requested that resturants stop selling dog meat during the Olympics, a few have complied, some just change the names of the dishes. So any tourist there might unknowingly munch down a dog. Some of the younger South Koreans are now seeing dogs (and cats) as pets and therefor do not eat them but it is still too widely spread. WHY does a country like South Korea get to hold a Olympics when animal rights are non-excistent? An estimaded 17.000 dogfarms still operate in South Korea. The dogs are murdered by either electrocution, hanging, beaten or exsanguination (deep cut so they slowly bleed to death).

And this country got the Olympics!!?

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