Ban Shock Collars Worldwide!

As Scotland now has taken the step to finally ban shock collars just as Wales have already done, it is now time for England, Ireland and rest of the world to follow.

These collars are not needed for dogs or any kind of animal for that matter. Many who approve of them claim to use them for dogs with “behavioral problems” or to remove “unwanted behaviour”. For example a dog thats barks. Zap them and they soon learn to be quiet? A dog that constantly run away from you. Zap it so it learns to accossiate not listening with pain. It does NOT work that way! A dog needs to be trained with patience, awarding good behaviour and positive methods.

With a shock collar you use fear to control your dog. It causes the animal stress and anxiety, and increase the risk of the dog to bite thinks Ilana R Reisner DVM, Phd see here

Photo credit:

Photo credit: Law and order 4 K9s

There is also the risk of burns. Supporters of these collars say that the shock is too small to cause any damage. So why are there several cases with dogs who has serious burns on their throats? See artickle by Jan Casey, MS, Dip CBST herehere

Have a look at below video to see and hear a shock collar in use. (I turned of after 10 seconds)

This below foto is of a dog where a kid got hold of the remote control to the dogs shock collar

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To learn more about the danger of these collars (and other dangerous things used by owners & trainers) please visit

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7 thoughts on “Ban Shock Collars Worldwide!

  1. Good Evening dear Cicci for your pleasing response.
    We all Humans needs to realize that this Earth was their property, before we snatched it from them, illegally.
    And now at least let us be grateful to them by taking care of them.
    I even look after few more slum dogs by feeding them Lunch and biscuits in the evening every day without fail.
    Thank you and Regards
    Blessings to you and your family.

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  2. Good Evening Dear Cicci,
    Before adopting any animal as a pet, we need to think very well to sacrifice our personal enjoyment and entertainments.
    Once we adopt, the pet becomes our main concern and pleasure and we need to keep them happy always.
    Thanks for your pleasing reply.
    Blessings to you.

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  3. Yes it is not good to belt these innocent ones. I do not use even an ordinary belt. Even for walks 3 times a day I do not use any belt. My pet spitz moves every where in the house without any belt just like a family member. Even she sleeps on our cots only. It goes for toilets during walks and never even urinate in the house. We also keep our common bathroom slightly opened. In case of emergency she goes and urinates in the bathroom. We need to take care and watch them like out children. We don’t leave her alone in the house and at lest one of our family members will be with her, if we have to go out.

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