Loving Dog owner searches for his lost Dog Kahn.

This is Kahn a 1 year old Leonberger with his “dad” Stuart Smith.

During the storms back in October a fence blew down and Kahn ran off after being scared. This was October 15, more than 3 months ago.

Kahn is still missing and Mr Smith is desperatly looking for him. During this time he sleeps outside in hope Kahn can find his scent. He hired a helicopter, use drones, check animal traces and tracks, climed up a church tower, boiled tripe in the back of his van and doing everything in his power to find his baby. During his search he has found other missing dogs, but not his.

Kahn went missing in Huckley, Essex and needs to come home to his family. He is registered and microchipped.

This is a far cry from that Paul Finnegan who abandonded his 12 year old dog Meg in the Scottish highlands…

Essex article herehere

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