Paul Finnegan Abandonded his Dog. She was found Dead. Alone.

Paul Finnegan from Shotts, North Lanarkshire chose to leave his dog behind. He LEFT 12 year old Meg, a Border Collie stranded on Beinn Sgulaird in the Scottish highlands. Alone. She is 12, her legs gave up. Paul and his friends carried her a bit and then.. Just left her.. Alone.. A old dog who couldnt walk was.. abandonded. In cold wind and hard rain. Alone.

Why do you bring a dog of that age on a long hike? Without emergency shelter? That dog would NEVER have left his side if he was hurt and yet he just leaves her?? Since January 14 she has now been alone. Cold, wet, hungry and lost. The person she thought was family, Paul Finnegan turned his back and seeked shelter. Not for her.

No matter what kind of sick exuse he has, he ABANDONDED her! A 12 year old dog. In the Scottish highlands!

She is STILL lost, still alone. Unless a caring person found her and gave her the love and family she deserves. Someone who cares, who has a soul, who knows that a animal is a member of the family.

12 year old. She is lost. Alone. I really hope she is found and NOT returned to him, he dont deserve the love of a dog.

Today Friday the 19 of Jauary she was found dead. She DIED ALONE!

It breaks my heart. She was cold, wet and afraid. That is how she left this world. Abandonded.

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5 thoughts on “Paul Finnegan Abandonded his Dog. She was found Dead. Alone.

  1. What an Evil hearted man just knowingly the poor Pooch will have no food or the water will die a Painful, slow death , Yet left her to fend for herself….WHAT A COLD HEARTED MONSTER. Let him get older and no one should help him either…

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