Russian idiot use Exotic Animals to Prank Friends.

The idiot above is Khizri Zapirov from Moscow. He call himself a prankster because he sneaks in to sleeping friends and dump an animal in the bed, then screams loud to wake them up and film the reactions.

So far he used a Lion a snake and a Crocodile to scare his friends.

Is this funny! NO!!

Does the animals have fun?? NO!!

Just look how tight the collar is on the lion!

Khizri claims to borrow the animals from a friend who trains them and that that person is there to make sure the animals are ok. I call that bull*hit. Anyone who cares about animals would’nt put them in a situation like that. Take another look at the Lion again, does that look like a happy healthy animal? No, this is animal cruelty! You can find this Khizri on his Instagram as @khiza_13 and if you search under that name you can find more about that sick creep on Twitter.

This sick retard needs to be stopped!

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2 thoughts on “Russian idiot use Exotic Animals to Prank Friends.

  1. Is this legal to have Lions or Crocks at home as Pets? This man is must be having some Mental issues. The best thing is to confiscate these poor animals from a mentally deranged individual and seek some mental counselling for the man.

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