Carly Bennett from Stoke, Staffordshire starved Dogs.

Keep an eye out for this “woman”. She is Carly Bennett, 28 from Stoke, Staffordshire. She starved four puppies around the ages of 7-9 weeks old without a care in the world.

When RSPCA came there they discovered the desperate puppies, let them out and saw how they were desperate to try and find water and food. There was also an adult dog there who was taken away.

That cold hearted exuce of a human have 5 children under the age of 10 and are expecting numer 6. So she can breed babies like mad and at the same time abuse animals?? She is disgusting and the pathetic sentence she recieved is NOT OK: 10 years ban from keeping animals, £120 fine, £250 court costs, £85 victim surcharge.

Hope social services get involved too!

You can read more here: Stoke centinel

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