Tilikum Another Victim at SeaWorld

‘Tilikum had, and will continue to have, a special place in the hearts of the SeaWorld family, as well as the millions of people all over the world that he inspired, my heart goes out to our team who cared for him like family.’ joel-manby-seaworld-ceo-2-slide

Those are the words from SeaWorld president and CEO Joel Manby regarding the death of Tilikum on Friday the 6th of January. So let me ask this: If that is how they treat family, do they let their own grandmothers jump through hoops and splash around a tiny pool too? If anyone would snatch one of Manby’s four children to have him/her perform in a damn circus would he see nothing wrong with it? Dont pretend to ever have cared about any of the Orcas that are forced to perform at SeaWorld. Dont pretend that you or the staff at SeaWorld cared for Tilikum or any other of the creatures stuck in that horrible place. The only way to properly honour Tilikum and the others is to close down these parks, to put all the money they made into proper conservation and real freedom for these magnificent creatures where they belong, free in the ocean. 090202213322-large-1

Wild Orcas can swim up to a 100 miles a day,  they would need to swim 1,208 laps (around the perimeter of the tank) or 3,105 lengths (back and forth at the longest part of the tank) in the park’s largest tank to equal what they’d swim in the wild. Orcas are highly social animals who live in stable social groups ranging from two to 15 individuals. In some populations, children stay with their mothers for life. In captivity, they are forced to live with Orcas from other family units who speak a completely different language than they do and are constantly moved between facilities for breeding and to perform. p03m46gh

No, the SeaWorld needs to STOP any dealings with any animal since they have no interest in the animals themselves except trying to squeeze money out of them. There is NO need for breeding programs at SeaWorld where they masturbate a male whale to then inseminate a female with no options of choosing their own partner. So ”dear” Mr Manby, do not pretend that you or the trainers cared one bit about Tilikum or the other creatures you force to perform at DeathWorld, erm I mean SeaWorld. All you were ever interested in was making sure they money kept coming in by brainless spectators who happily part with their money to see captured animals perform ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ how happy the whales looked while they leave the park soaked with a bunch of stuffed animals and ugly T-shirts under their arms.

SeaWorld San Diego have decided to stop their ‘killer whale’ shows and instead unveil a new attraction in the revamped pool. Orca Encounter is being billed as an educational experience that will show how killer whales eat, communicate and navigate. So they will still be forced to perform, still stuck in tanks and still pretend to be best friends with the trainers doing mind numbing things. Just because you rename something doesn’t mean it is something better? Animal cruelty is still animal cruelty no matter what you call it.

Please people, stay away from SeaWorld and places like this. Please dont let Tilikum’s death be wasted, but instead a wake up call for those who haven’t yet realised how these poor creatures live, breathe and die. Stuck in tiny pools for life, killed by greed. 3bcb3327f09e43fcaad64844e1073bdf_tilikum-image


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2 thoughts on “Tilikum Another Victim at SeaWorld

  1. Tilikum was NOT a Happy camper at their Sea world aquarium. The TRUTH is that He suffered the HELL ON EARTH while cocooning and living in that tiny tanks. Those trainers would give so much of punishments to these majestic animals while training them to perform…These so called performances are simply to please the onlookers and the audience alike…so accordingly these poor helpless, animals had to perform and they did it with so much pains and sufferings perhaps even while crying their hearts out within themselves silently. This poor Tilikum was snatched away from his relatives & friends, at a very tender age, and all these people did was to teach him ‘Tricks” & ‘Perform” to entertain the public while charging big bucks to gain the profit.

    These sea world raked enough profits while succumbing Tilikum to so much of misery and stress. Captivity of an Animal & keep him imprisoning for the rest of his life is a CRUELTY against THE ANIMAL. Such callus, heinous atrocity must be BANNED. I always shed tears when ever I read an article about this Tillikum. When I learned his passing I cried my heart out …yet then again, I am happy for the Defenseless poor animal. He is no more suffering in SILENCE !!!. He was so distressed that he showed his utterly unhappiness of living like a ‘SLAVE’ to these trainers while even attacking and destroying them. Yet the Sea world did not want to release him …the Greed was such they still make this animals perform withe depression. WHAT A COWARD HUMANS MUST BE THE ONES WHO RUN THIS SEA WORLD.

    R.I.P. TILLIKUM …You will be missed by ONLY the ones who loved you & concerned your well being…NOT the greedy people who enslaved you until the end of your precious life.

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    • Agree with every word Manel! DeathWorld needs to be shut down right now, they claim to stop the live shows but all they have done is to just rename it. People at SeaWorld and the idiots that pay to see animals being abused disgust me.


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