Khalessi The Abused Pitbull Mix Need You


This is Khalessi, she is a 2 year old pit bull mix that was rescued by Passion 4 pits after being found abandoned and badly abused on a Orlando, Florida lawn. She was missing her nose, nostrils, and sinus cavity – making her long front teeth hang out. She had suffered multiple injuries, so thin so her ribs stuck out and back legs that doesn’t work properly. Only she knows what happened to her, who it was that put her through this pain and horror.

For the moment she will stay with her rescuers while going through surgeries to help her breath properly, to fix her back legs and will also go through dental works for the exposed roots in her jaw where bone is missing. Despite what she has been through her rescuers say that she is a happy little girl, constantly wagging her tail and kissing any person she sees, showing no signs of being afraid or suspicious to humans. When all the surgeries are done with and she is well and healthy she will be put up for adoption and get a loving home which she so deserves. I wish I could take her to live with me, she is such a charmer.2B57266B00000578-0-image-a-51_1439492739424

If you want to help or find out more about sweet Khalessi, please visit their facebook or their own site here.

You can also help by donating here: YouCaring


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