Please share! Tell Waitrose to dump Heston whilst he supports foie-gras cruelty.

Animal Rights

In light of the shocking images filmed at his then supplier of foie-gras in France, celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal not only dumped that supplier but the resulting pressure has seen him dump foie-gras from his flagship restaurant The Fat Duck.

However, he is still using foie-gras at his other eateries. This isn’t an issue where he can pick and choose. All ducks and geese raised for foie-gras in France are force-fed. Cruelty is unavoidable and is so extreme that production would be illegal in Britain.

Whilst Waitrose don’t sell foie-gras, they work closely with Heston. Let’s tell them that if he won’t dump foie-gras they should dump him!

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