Happy New Year! ♥

Happy-New-Year-2015-Messages-Wishes-with-WallpapersThank you to all that have visited this site, taking time to comment and who cares for our fellow humans and our beautiful animals on this planet.

This last day of 2014 I hope you will enjoy yourself and stay safe. Make sure those you love and care for are well taken care of too. Remember to show them what they mean to you. One day it can and will be too late for that.

This new year I wont give any new year resolutions I am way too good in breaking them anyway. Too many times I told myself to lose weight (then to suddenly becoming absolute desperate for food), to exercise more (But why so cold water in swimming pools and so warm in gyms?) to get a new wardrobe and give the things I don’t use to charity (Hmm.. That yellow cardigan I bought 6 years ago maybe I WILL wear it one day….?) Stop buying more shoes than I need (But can you have too many really) and the list goes on. Nah, New year resolutions aint for me, just makes me stress about even more. The only thing for me the new year to come is to TRY and:

  • Be a better person and nicer to myself too
  • Stop trying to do a million things at the same time
  • Work harder for Tibet, human and animal rights
  • Leave the past where it belongs, behind me, forget, forgive and move on. Cause it’ only up to me if I let it come back and bite me in the arse (sorry).

So yet again thank YOU for visiting, reading, commenting and for being you. Be safe, love yourself and each other, respect each other and see you in next and even better year.

Goodbye 2014 and a very warm welcome to year 2015 ★

Love you guys ♥ cae988eb2c210f61017df72e0de4e880

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