Some People Should NOT Be Protected By British Courts!

article-2636409-1E1CDBC400000578-126_634x471And the reason for me thinking so is that scum like the young man above might do this again to animals and also that this time it might be a child he abuse.

The background to this story is that he is a 16-year-old boy in Luton, Bedfordshire, and that police found a video on his mobile phone under the name LOL (Laughing Out Loud)-. In it you can see how he repeatedly punched an innocent dog in the head and stomach before kneeing it in the face. He held Tyson (The dog) down in a chair while punching it in the face. A vet said the dog have suffered extreme distress and bruising as well as soft tissue trauma and damage to his ribs, facial nerves and trachea in the horrific attack.



Video footage of the teenager abusing animals emerged after police officers, who were investigating another matter, found video clips on his mobile phone and passed it onto the RSPCA. Video here:

And not only that. In April last year he was filmed forcefully kicking a cat, and a vet said the distressed cat would have suffered bruising and soft tissue trauma, as well as possible physical trauma to the pelvis and bladder.

article-2636409-1E1CDB8000000578-515_634x474article-2636409-1E1CDAEA00000578-131_634x469So what was his punishment? Despite his horrific crimes he was only handed down a 18-month Youth Rehabilitation Order, including a three-month curfew to stay inside between 7 pm to 7 am. He was also banned from keeping any sort of animal for life.

Is that it? A young man find this to be entertainment (Considering he saved it under LOL), he has his identity protected (because of his age) and who will make sure he never have an animal again, what if he goes on to hurt an innocent child next time? No, the laws regarding animal abuse must be much harsher in UK, and judges must hand down proper sentences for these vile people!

The dog and cat have now gotten new homes and are said to have recovered well… article-2636409-1E1CDC2A00000578-13_634x475


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8 thoughts on “Some People Should NOT Be Protected By British Courts!

  1. They are not People what God create, they are Demons in the people flash, only Satan want kill. God made all beauty to see Him-not serving this Demoniacal peoples! They will want mercy on day of Judge when God return, and they will not get as they dint give one to no fault enimal!


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