Is It Wrong To Cheer When A Matador Gets Badly Hurt By A Bull?


article-2635103-1E10F71200000578-208_964x616I think not. I will never understand how bullfighting can be seen as a ‘sport’ or entertainment. How can torturing an animal be fun? How can they justify it by calling it tradition? Wonder if those people are totally fine with FMG (Female genital mutilation), cannibalism, Slavery and stoning as a few examples? Or is it wrong because it involves humans while bull fighting are ”just” about animals? 1400683648212_Image_galleryImage_MADRID_SPAIN_MAY_20_Spani

Today I came across an article in Daily mail about the cancellation of the 12th corrida of the Fiesta de San Isidro in Spain. The event was cancelled for the first time in 35 years after the bulls fought back and hurt three Matador and therefore there was no one left to fight. This festival takes place every year and during almost a month there are bull fights every day. 1400683592123_wps_Spanish_bullfighter_Jimen

To be honest I loathe, hate people who engage in this. Everyone from the Matador to the person who attends this cruelty. I do wish them evil. The bulls don’t deserve this, no animals deserve to be tortured and killed this way with people laughing and cheering on. What I see are a bunch of creeps in ugly clothing, pathetic men who think it’s brave and honourably with torture. Do the people in Spain want this? How come EU allow this to happen? So many questions but who can answer them? But the biggest question is: HOW do we STOP this?! 1400683592138_wps_Spanish_bullfighter_Jimen

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14 thoughts on “Is It Wrong To Cheer When A Matador Gets Badly Hurt By A Bull?

  1. Every year I try to avoid seeing the bullfighting scenes on the news. The headlines are wracked with it and always seemingly pitying the wounded Matador. I have nothing but pity for the bulls themselves. I cannot fathom why a modern society would allow the sport of killing an animal in such an inhumane and treacherous manner labeled under “Cultural Ceremony”. It is unconscionable to even think it’s okay. I just wish that the tables would turn and the Matador’s will eventually be tortured in the same manner that they tortured these animals. Oh yeah, that would be called “HELL”!!!

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  2. the sad thing is if the bull gores and kills the matador, he does not “win”, they still kill him, and also kill the bulls mother
    to stop the blood line of bulls that kill humans,.i have lost all respect for the Spaniards!

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    • The same or me Steve, I can not possible have any respect towards anyone who think this backward and enjoy cruelty such as these who support this so called sport..


  3. Bullfighting has been going on for Hundreds if not, 1000’s of years. To todays citizens who haven’t researched this subject, all they are doing is looking at this for the face value. RESEARCH before you try to tear a Cultural Ceremony as this.


      • It does not matter these type of Brutal inhumane practices has been coming for hundreds of years now. The fact is that we are not hundreds of thousands of years old people. We now live in a modern era. The civilization has changed. The people have changed. So the olden days what those people did without having much knowledge and empathy towards other living beings, needs to be changed too. This so called Bull fightings used to take place due to those olden days they did not have much of other activities or to get involve in latest sports such as Soccer, Basket ball, Cricket, Tennis, Volley ball etc. etc. so grabbing an innocent animal forward and abusing molesting and harrasing them, had being their pass time sport. Such backward and Barbaric practises are unacceptable and totally inhumane in this modern era. This massive abuse on such gentle and defenceless bulls must be stopped ASAP. This is a Shameless act by coward subhumans who have no moral values within their souls. These type of people are evil and ruthless vicious , period. Yes now it is the Bull, but wait & see when their time comes they will burn in hell for ever, what goes around comes around..for sure.


  4. That innocent bull had been brutally & viciously tortured by this ruthless man. So the evilness should come after him too. It is time for others to laugh at him for sure. Why not?


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