A Young Hero In Philippines Starts Happy Animals Club

So many animals on this planet of ours gets thrown aside like useless toys that are now unwanted. Too many animals end their lives in painful and horrific ways. Too many animals wander the streets in our cities, cold, hungry and all alone. An endless struggle until it dies alone, missed by no one… 640px-Street_dog-Gianyar_Bali-2009When did humanity become so cruel? Or has it always been like that?

Thankfully there are so many good people who do care, that work hard every day to save some of these lost souls, and work tirelessly to change the outcome for these animals. Today I read about a young man who touched my heart. His name is Ken and as a 8 year old boy he started a  non-profit no-kill animal shelter project in the southern Philippines called Happy Animals Club. He started small with setting up a website on Weebly, made posters he put on poles in his neighbourhood. poster1In February 2014 some people saw him feeding dogs on the street and soon those photos were circulating the internet. Some people saw these photos and donated some money to him so he could continue his work. street03


street01From the money donated he gave them quality canned food and veterinary care and not to forget to mention these dogs learned to trust, to not be afraid of humans that had treated them so badly. Two months later Blackie, Brownie and White puppy have their fur back and gained the weight they badly needed and are soon ready to be adopted. after06On May 1:st he had enough money to start an animal shelter to lease for a whole year and that’s where he is now, taking care of the dogs while looking for funding to running costs and volunteers that wants to help out. As he say himself:

Please help me develop the animal shelter by volunteering, holding seminars at your school or company, or donating funds for dog food and veterinary care. Happy Animals Club is a non-profit organization registered in the Philippines. Happy Animals Club is autonomous and independently managed by me with help from volunteers (currently my dad, he complains that he is an “involunteer”).”

This young man sets an example to all of us people with his kindness and huge heart, visit the gallery, read the news, it is truly an amazing story and I know that I what I donated will help him a little bit on the way, if you can do that also, let us together make sure he, his rescue dogs and dad will have a great future together.




Visit his site here: Happy Animals Club


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5 thoughts on “A Young Hero In Philippines Starts Happy Animals Club

  1. I love this boy, how any one could walk by a dog that looks like that & do nothing is beyond my imagination. I donated right after I read this story, I hope everyone does!! Love his father also, bless them & all the animals!1


  2. That’s So Beautiful 🙂 He Will Grow Up To Bee A Good Man :-)) As For Humanity Aye Wish Aye Had 3 Wishes Take Care Yoo From Me :-)X


  3. This story, no doubt will inspire other young children also to come forward and do something wonderful for the homeless animals in Phillipines and perhaps every where around the globe. KEN…It is very sweet of you to do such compassionate act of kindness towards these helpless innocent animals. You are doing right things and you will be blessed by almighty god and will shower you with happiness. Imagine those 3 almost hairless abandoned dogs have now become so beautiful and healthy after being given the food, love & care by you. Thats an amazing act of kindness. May the god bless you little KEN. You are a sweet heart.


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