Install Video Cameras in Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms – The Petition Site

Excellent idea!

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2 thoughts on “Install Video Cameras in Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms – The Petition Site

  1. Does any one need to tell or explaine the violence & the massive brutality showering over such innocent, defenceless animals by the wicked, malevolent barbarians such as this ones in this video. ??? These helpless cows…what viciousness or cruelty they do to humans?? NONE. These are very calm and sweet natured animals. They too have feelings & they feel the fear, anxiety, sadness and helplessness. Imagine this wicked subhumans what they do to these voiceless animals. They treat this poor cows like slab of meat. This is an extreame violence against the vulnerable innocent animals done by lowest vermins on the planet earth. This type of Animal abuse is outrageous and infuriating. Such violent subhumans should never be allowed to work in anywhere close to any animal. The Governing bodies of Animal welfare need to prosecute and arrest these vicious individuals who committed this HEINOUS CRIMES. This type of subhumans are cold blooded, merciless killers. It is very evident in this live video & no one needs to be a rocket scientist to understand that. The way he terrorized the defenceless animal is beyond comprehend. Infact such barbaric incidents must be brought to light and NEVER be allowed to keep hidden behind closed doors. It is very essential to educate the people who are supposed to be working as Farmers…and especially the ones taking care of these sentient beings. I almost feel nauseous to think how that poor soul might have felt & suffered in silent, with excruciative pains while in utmost fear for the ruthless scumbag. Please don’t allow these god’s creations to suffer the ultimate agonizing pains while giving the upper hand to uneducated, ignorant, violent heartless scums. Where are the peoples moral & ethical obligations towards the voiceless?? Why do we say we are a civilized nation??? In which way?? This is a messed up, brainwashed society where such animal abuse and exploitation considered normal??? The frustration and the anger I feel is so overwhelming. I wonder how on earth any civilized society allows any farming company to carry out such massive extreme & horrific cruelty towards the innocent creatures such as this one.???? Bring the NEW LAWS & IMPLEMENT THEM ASAP.that is ..TO INSTALL THE CAMERAS IN EVERY FACTORY FARM & EVERY SLAUGHTER HOUSE. If the Farmers are normal human beings then they do not need to be afraid of such regulations cause they know that they are kind & respectful towards their animals. If the evil culprits are there sure they would be the first ones to come forward & to oppose this new legislatures. So you might know well in advance who are the ruthless barbarians…PLEASE PLEASE… THIS TYPE OF SEVERE SCALE OF ANIMAL CRUELTY should not be ignored under any circumstances. This is totally serious. This is not another China or Vietnam. Please Bring the new legislature to protect the most vulnerable innocent animals in our society. BRING THE ANIMAL ABUSE A FELONY. Please do the needul. Thank you in advance.


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