Save The Tibetan Blue Poppy!

To some this might not be such a big thing, with giving a flower the wrong name. But to the Tibetan people to have THEIR OWN country mixed up with China, that is wrong. The Tibetan people fight bravely every single day for the right to their own country that was brutally occupied (and still is!) by China. So I beg of you who read this to write to Sutton seeds and ask of them to respect the Tibetan people and their country… Thank you


Tibetan Blue Poppy Tibetan Blue Poppy


For untold millenia Tibetans had observed and enjoyed  the beauty of a flower native to Tibet, which they called Utpal Ngonpo (ཨུཏྤལ་སྔོན་པོ༑). This blue bloom was most likely unknown to the Occidental world until the arrival of European colonization of India and the resultant ‘Great Game’ played out on the high lands of Central Asia, which sparked the British invasion of Tibet in 1904. Along with military and strategic interests the region had increasingly exerted a fascinating influence over the European mind, a land it was considered of magic and mystery. Little wonder then that it attracted adventurers, naturalists, explorers, botanists and explorers alike. Some of those pioneering visitors to Tibet combined a number of such interests and more besides, none more so than Lt. Colonel Frederick Marshman Bailey (Born February 3 February 1882, Lahore, India)  who apart from interests in photography, butterfly collecting and trophy…

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