Hanoi dogfight video goes viral — Vietnam criticized for allowing inhumane activity

This makes me so angry… How can you think animals fighting are entertainment!?

Peace and Freedom


A still from a video clip of a dogfight in Hanoi on February 6

By Ha An – Phan Hau, Thanh Nien News

Hanoi police said they broke up a dogfight organized in the downtown area last week, an event that was harshly criticized by netizens after a video clip of the fight was posted online and went viral.

Captain Pham Duc Quy, head of the Ngoc Khanh Ward police division, told Thanh Nien said when the fight was taking place near Ngoc Khanh Lake on February 6, the police got a tip-off and officers arrived at the scene to stop it.

But officers found no evidence of gambling, and that dog owners seemed to have organized it for fun, he said.

They dispersed the crowd that had gathered to watch, and issued warnings to the organizers, he added.

The one-minute-odd clip shows two pit pulls aggressively fighting each other to the cheers of…

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