Tania The Elephant Has Spent Most Of Her 39 Years Alone. Please Help Her Find A Family. *Updated*

555827_154266171397126_1492287824_nThis is Tania. Tania was just three years old when the rest of her herd was wiped out in 1978, and she has since been moved from zoo to zoo across Europe. The loss of her family, the loss of the freedom she had in the wild has left her isolated and showing signs of distress in a bare cage in Romania’s Târgu Mureș Zoo. article-2558517-1B73753A00000578-120_306x416The only thing to ‘play’ with is a ball, which now is difficult since she has a damaged foot that is made worse by walking on rubber floor that is constantly moist with urine and faeces because of no draining. She also have a cracked nail of a front foot. The following video was captured January 25 2013, in it you see how she lives, how she keeps swaying from side to side. Notice her foot that she don’t want to touch the floor with probably because of the pain. Notice that cold cage and behind her the wet sand she sleeps in:

Instead of being placed with other elephants after her family died, Tania was sold to the Plaisance-du-Touch zoo near Toulouse, south-west France, where she remained isolated for around a quarter of a century. In 2004 Tania was moved to the Terra Natura zoo in Benidorm, Spain, where she was temporarily placed with another female elephant, Khaiso, who also had a difficult past. The two quickly became inseparable. But the zoo got into financial difficulties she was again sold off, and in 2009 was taken to Le Barben zoo in France, whose herd did not accept her so she was moved in 2011 to Le Cornelle near Milan, Italy – where the same thing happened. She has now spent more than a year at this current zoo. Alone. And know that Indian elephants can grow to be around 55-70 years old… Tania_20003She now have access to an outdoor enclosure too. Which consists of trees and a little ‘pool’ which she has problem accessing. There are no other animals in there for company. No other elephant. Just Tania standing there day after day after day. Swaying. She has also been seen banging her head against the walls.No healthy happy elephant does that. They are highly social animals that shares strong bond with their family in a herd. They feel strong feelings of sorrow when a member of their family die. An elephant herd is considered one of the most closely knit societies of any animal, and a female will only leave it if she dies or is captured by humans. And there we have Tania today, captured and no one to talk to. article-2558517-1B73754200000578-156_306x416Tania needs to come to a sanctuary. She needs to learn how to be an elephant again and to be in a herd, to have one friend. This so-called life she lives has been way too long and hard for her. Don’t you think?

The latest video on Tania is uploaded by some visitors to the zoo. They do seem to think that she is dancing though since they are applauding….

So what can we do to help Tania? 

Update February 25 2014: 

There are a petition running for Tania that I hope you will sign so we can continue to work to free her from her lonely prison. Enough is enough! Big thank’s to Mark for bringing it to my attention!

You can find and sign it here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/956/417/286/free-tania-the-elephant-from-tirgu-mures-zoo-in-romania/

You can read more about her here and the campaign to get her away from this zoo at the Free Tania from the Tirgu Mures Zoo in Romania

You can contact the zoo directly through their facebook page Tirgu Mures Zoo

You can also contact Mr Martin Van-wees who is the chairman of EAZAEuropean Association of Zoos and Aquaria) He is the EEP chairman of Asian Elephants where you tell him of your concerns for her and that they need to act promptly. His email is: m.van.wees@rotterdamzoo.nl The sad part is that I heard that he don’t care too much about Tania’s situation though.

You can also sent mail or email here: Executive Director: lesley.dickie@eaza.net
Email the European Commission.
1.Director: janez.potocnik@ec.europa.eu
2. SG-PLAINTES@ec.europa.eu
Attention: Ion Codescu, Head of Enforcement.

Thank you for visiting and caring ♥



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12 thoughts on “Tania The Elephant Has Spent Most Of Her 39 Years Alone. Please Help Her Find A Family. *Updated*

  1. It is now October 31st 2019 and I hope and pray that tanya is still not in the same isolation that I have been witnessing for years. PLEASE get her out of this living hell. she does not deserve to live like this. PLEASE help her.

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    • She still lives at the Tirgu Mures Zoo in Romania, but they dont write or update anything about her and Hella, another Elephant, will try and dig out what I can and get back to you 🙂

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  3. There is a petition for Tania: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/956/417/286/free-tania-the-elephant-from-tirgu-mures-zoo-in-romania/

    This was sent to me today by email from the UK’s Born Free Foundation:

    “Not much seems to have changed for Tania since we have been following her case after arrival to this zoo in 2012. She is one of the 40+ elephants we know to be living alone in European zoos and circuses, her situation highlighted in the report we released last year, called ‘Innocent Prisoners’.

    The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), who technically ‘own’ Tania, still seem adamant that she is not going anywhere. We have raised our concerns and highlighted Tania’s case with the Romanian Government and EU Commissioner calling for improvements and further investigations, however, the Romanian authorities have stated that the conditions for this elephant meet their legal requirements and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria has stated they meet their standards also. It’s very frustrating!

    EAZA hold all the cards currently, so it’s great that so many people are continuing to call on them to improve Tania’s life or move her to better conditions.”


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  5. I cannot fathom that in this zoo, the people are keeping a lone Elephant between cemented floors to live in day in day out for long, lengthy period of time such as 30, 40 years. My first thought was that I should pray and hope these people who ever it may be, did this to such an innocent animal, must be prosecuted to the maximum possible way and also MUST suffer the same fate as this Elephant does. These Elephants are extraordinary, the largest living land animal, & in a way very beautiful, so loving, intelligent, family orented & majestic. They love to live in groups while socializing with their own kind. Due to their massive size these zoo owners have a greed to own them simply to attract the visitors to their own benefit. But when it comes to taking a good care of these sentient beings the owners responsibility & the efforts fallen way below the basic requirements which is essential for a animals simply to live. Such zoos are existing only & merely for the purpose of making money and at the expenses of these innocent beautiful animals. These Elephants should NEVER EVER be kept Alone!!! They live in herds and this type of Isolation and confinement could bring this innocent Tania to be fallen into depression, then the diseases such as Arthritis, foot & joint diseases due to standing on the same location for over the years. This Tania’s existance is totally empty, puposeless and not fun at all for her. This beautiful Tania would have being a Martriach, had she being living with a herded environement. Instead now what she does is to simply stair at the empty walls and suffer the hell on earth in silence.!! What a brutal way to treat a loving creature such as this one. Where are the kind hearted people in that country and the society? Please ask them that this helpless Tania who is being trapped in a lonely & isolated confined zoo to be freed and allow her to lead a normal life as a Elephant. Please look into this innocent animals plight and please send this Tania to a safe accredited elephant sanctuary ASAP. Sending Tania to a Elephant Sanctuary would be the ultimate gift that any one can give her now. Please the Romanian zoo authorities, please look into her eyes and thank her for the contribution she had done towards the zoo so far, and please make the right decision to release her to go and spend her golden years in a peaceful Elephant sanctuary with her own kind while rubbing shoulders with other elephants, which she never had a chance to do…. Please give her the last chance for her to be happy. and in doing so the god may grant you happy lives too.


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